ENTERTAINMENT: Joshua Garcia talks about being paired with Janella Salvador

A few weeks back we were just wondering the same thing: did Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia break up? And while we’ve got our answer, we moved on to another question should Joshua Garcia be the leading man of Jane De Leon for Darna? Well, for that second question, it looks like it’s a no, a happy-kind-of-no, as Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador is the new trending love team!

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Photo Credit: ABS-CBN News

ABS CBN’s new show, The Killer Bride, has a kind of gothic vibe to it due to its supernatural premise but it wasn’t what people were talking about mostly online.

Trending last Thursday night on Twitter was a new pairing or “ship” according to several netizens. Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador have been paired for a new show for the first time.

Salvador shared that they were given several projects which were meant to have them paired but it constantly does not push through in response to their previous love teams.

Garcia and Salvador noted that they had been given numerous projects meant to pair them, which ultimately would not push through, to give way to their more tested, respective love teams at the time.

Prior to the JoshNella (that actually has a ring to it) loveteam, Garcia who was previously paired with Julia Barretto was called “JoshLia” and Janella was partnered with Elmo Magalona in which they were known as “ElNella.”

Recently, they mentioned that getting paired with a different star will help their growth as actors.

“This is the right time for us, and I’m happy,” Garcia previously said, according to ABS-CBN.

Watch the video below to see Joshua Garcia as Elias:

Here are some thoughts of new fans of the love team:



The Killer Bride introduced these new characters played by the duo, so we’ll also (hopefully) be seeing more Maja Salvador in this interesting thriller plotline that is not-so commonly done in the industry.

With this trend, I’m pretty sure many people will be expecting more JoshNella moments as these two make quite a great pair due to their undeniable onscreen chemistry!

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