ENTERTAINMENT: Did Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia break up?

Popular love team Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia, known to their fans as JoshLia, has recently been the hot topic in the entertainment industry as there has been speculation of them breaking up.

The couple has been silent for a few weeks now and for quite some time, fans have been waiting for a statement to come from them.

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On May 31, in a True or False Youtube video with Julia’s best friend, Erich Gonzales, fans have already started speculating about the breakup as Julia was asked if she was currently in love. In the video, she was started to answer but she ultimately said “true.”

She explained further, “I am very much in love with the peace I have gained just recently. It’s not with anybody… Sorry, I’m not trying to say I’m not in love with anybody. I’m just in love with the peace that I gained.”

Watch the Youtube video between Julia and Erich below:

In a video posted on the Twitter account of ABS-CBN showbiz reporter MJ Felipe, JoshLia finally broke their silence on the rumored breakup.

Here’s the video of their interview below:

The couple were asked, “kayo nga ba ay hiwalay na?”, (Rough translation: Are you guys really broken up?) where Garcia answered “Hindi, hindi totoo yun. May pinagdaanan lang kami na normal couple na may pinagdadaanan”. (Rough translation: No, no that’s is untrue. We’re just going through something that all normal couples will go through something.)

Now, they have finally decided to open up regarding the breakup issue and revealed the current status of their relationship. As one of the most popular young couples in showbiz, praised for how sweet and lovey they are onscreen and offscreen as well, it appears however that they are allegedly no longer an official couple, according to a report on ABS-CBN.

For now, babalik muna kami sa pinagsimulan namin. Right now, we are the bestest of friends,” Julia responded. (Rough translation: Right now, we’ll be coming back to where we started. Right now, we are the bestest of friends.)

Declining to give the serious answer behind the reason why they have decided to change their status, “Bigay niyo na lang po ‘yun sa amin,” Garcia responded. (Rough translation: Just leave it between us.)

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