Should Joshua Garcia be the leading man of Jane De Leon for Darna?

Did Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia break up?” was the question some of us have been bringing up consistently on social media platforms and we may possibly have gotten more reason to believe the rumors.

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A Twitter user shared her opinion and called for a petition that Joshua Garcia could be Jane De Leon’s leading man for her upcoming movie Darna.

While users have agreed with the tweet above,

some users opposed the idea that Darna should even have a leading man:

Another user suggested De Leon should be paired with another promising newie:

One Twitter user even mentioned that Julia could play Valentina, Darna’s archenemy, in Jane De Leon’s upcoming film:

Just to refresh your memory, Julia Barretto actually auditioned for the role of Darna. So, if ever she was actually cast as Valentina, it would definitely stir up more controversy.

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