Enjoy Boracay on a Budget with these 5 Helpful Tips

Enjoy Boracay on a Budget with these 5 Helpful Tips

When in Manila, I usually tell my cousins abroad to make sure that they have time to still see the other parts of the Philippines. So, after many months of planning, they were able to come back and I took them to see the beautiful Boracay. We didn’t want to overspend, so I made sure that we were able to work on a budget. Here are some tips on how to save when traveling to Boracay. 

1. Book your tickets early.

We opted to book Zest Air, which is now being managed by Air Asia, via Kalibo. It’s a lot cheaper than flying to Caticlan. It may take you around 3 hours going to and another 3 hours coming from Boracay this way; but if you really want to save, this is the way to fly. Make sure you book it on a sale, even if it’s a year ahead to save even more! We got our roundtrip tickets at Php 1,648.00 each, at about 8 months early. Oh, we also didn’t avail of the check-in baggage, so packing light is a must if you really want to save and enjoy Boracay on a budget!

Take the first flight in and the latest flight out, to maximize your stay on the island!

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2. Stay at an Affordable Inn

You can enjoy Boracay on a budget by looking for an affordable in, not exactly by the beach front, but one not too far away. Note that not all cheap hotels are in station 3, we found one right in the center of station 2, which is also near d’Mall. 

We stayed at Tan’s Guest House‘s Annex. They have clean, simple, spacious rooms and even a veranda for you to hang your clothes to dry. For 2 nights, we got 1 room at Php 1000.00 each. Real budget-friendly, wouldn’t you say?

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3. Do intensive research first

You can also enjoy Boracay on a budget by doing rigorous research. Remember, not everything that comes out first on Google search is the cheapest choice. Dig deeper and you’ll find the best rates on activities to do in Boracay. A bunch of things we did were:

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Parasailing at Php 950

Live in the sky for 20 minutes and see the rest of the island of Boracay from a different perspective.

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Helmet Diving at Php 340 (not recommended for divers), Island Hopping at Php 500, inclusive of Snorkeling

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ATV + Zorb at Php 650

This kind of adventure is hard to find elsewhere. You ride the ATV to go up to the Zorb mountain and get to have someone roll you down the hill inside a big Zorb ball.

Do not forget to do the things that you can do for free in Boracay, either, namely:

– take lots of photos  

Enjoy Boracay on a Budget

– bum by the beach

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– and enjoy the majestic sunset…

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There are still many other things to do in Boracay, such as diving, flying fish, sunset sailing and the likes. Choose your activities wisely and make sure that the ones you choose are worth your time and money. Proper planning is key to enjoying Boracay on a budget.

Keep reading to find out more tips on how to enjoy Boracay on a budget.


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