Enchanted Kingdom’s Ghostbusters Attraction Will Make You Scream (and Run!)

Okay, fine, so maybe it’s just because I’m a scaredy-cat, but my friends and I were able to try out the new Ghostbusters attraction at Enchanted Kingdom and it scared the bejeezus out of us! :p

(LOOK: Alodia Gosiengfiao is a Ghostbuster!)

I’m not a fan of haunted houses. In fact, I think I’ve only been in one haunted house my entire life. It was also in Enchanted Kingdom and I only went in because my friends forced me into it… they bought a ticket behind my back, guilt-tripped me about the money they spent and I spent the entire time in the haunted house with my eyes closed and praying it would end.

This time, since I wanted to provide a proper review for you guys, I kept my eyes open… and I can’t really decide whether that was a good idea or not. :p But we’ll get to that later.

Before you enter the new Ghostbusters attraction, you might run into the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! What a cutie!!!

I’d like to say he’s the highlight of it all, but Enchanted Kingdom went the extra mile and re-envisioned the classic Ecto-1 from the Ghostbusters movie and gave it a real Filipino flavor:


Yes, that’s right! It’s an EKto-1 jeepney (EK for Enchanted Kingdom)!

After that, the scariness ensued…

Of course, we weren’t allowed to take photos or videos inside the actual haunted house, but let me just say: they did it well. Before it starts, you even get the chance to take a cool photo with your friends with either Slimer or Stay Puft. We even got some cool ghost masks to wear around the theme park!


After that, you walk through the scary haunted house in a line and I have to admit we all lost our voices after the whole run. By the end of it, a few of us were already running out the doors because our hearts were pounding so much – definitely not for those who scare easily. There were actually a few families who went back out the front door before it even started, so… be warned!


If, however, you are looking for some good fun with your friends, I would highly recommend Enchanted Kingdom’s new Ghostbusters attraction. It may be scary going in and throughout the run, but once you survive it, you’ll have a lot to talk about and laugh about! It’s a great bonding experience, too.


If you come in white, you’ll even get to avail of Regular Day Passes for 4, plus 4 Free Passes to experience the exciting Ghostbusters walk-through attraction for only Php2,400!  Make sure to catch this fun new attraction at Enchanted Kingdom!

Enchanted Kingdom


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