Eloquence: English Proficiency Seminar and Workshop

College of Business Administration and Accountancy Student Council of

De La Salle University Dasmariñas Upcoming Event

“Eloquence: English Proficiency Seminar and Workshop”


The College of Business Administration and Accountancy Student Council of De La Salle University – Dasmariñas is the premier organization that provides professional growth and development to CBAA students in the university. It has been at the forefront of initiatives along with the different Recognized Student Organizations constantly building and strengthening the training grounds for future professionals in DLSU-D


In recent years, various seminars were done about Finance, personality development, leadership and many others. Now, the CBAASC along with College of Engineering and Architecture Technology Student Council, College of Education Student Council and Allied Business Student Society partnered up to give importance to the role of English proficiency.


That’s how why came up with the event entitled Eloquence: English Proficiency Seminar and Workshop which is set to happen on October 21, 2016(8am to 12pm) at Ugnayang La Salle for the seminar and (2pm to 6pm) College of Tourism and Hospitality Management building, Student Lounge for the workshop.


Eloquence is one of the fundraising events that the CBAASC has prepared this year that will benefit the Golden Patriots Scholarship Fund. This seminar tackles on the significance of English Proficiency in driving the future success of a student in his/her chosen profession. The complexity and global nature of the 21st century workplace are causing employers to employ a more agile talent acquisition so future employees should develop a new attitude towards the importance of communications in the workplace.

The Topics that will be covered are the following:

  • Business English
  • English in the Workplace
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Public Speaking

The speakers for this event are the following:

Mr. Antonio Jose “Tonipet” Gaba

GMA News and Public Affairs

Mr. Jaime Borromeo II

Corporate Trainer, Professor at DLSU, Motivational Speaker and Author

Mr. Roderick Motril Aguirre

Professor at DLSU-D, Language Consultant(On Call), Resource Speaker

Ms. Rosa Garcia – Inciong

Department Manager at Capital One Philippines

The one who will conduct the workshop will be:

Mr. Raul de la Vega

Southeast Asian Speakers and Trainer Bureau Inc.

For more information about this event, please visit the official Media Accounts of the CBAASC. Facebook – @DLSUD.CBAASC, Twitter – @CBAASC1617, Instagram – @DLSUDCBAASC and lastly Gmail – cbaasc.dlsud@­gmail.com

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