ELEVATE: Step Up your Game, Ateneo Scholars’ Week

ELEVATE: Step Up your Game, Ateneo Scholars’ WeekScholars'-Week---Horizontal-Streamer-SMALL

Ateneo Gabay, in partnership with Ateneo Alumni Scholars Association,

co-presented by Jugo Bar, Mind.Body.Soul Detox Café, Jack ‘n Jill Go! Scoops, Nissin Yakisoba, and Jack ‘n Jill X.O. Choco Shake, and

sponsored by Sample Room, GetBlued, Aficionado Germany Perfume and Cha Dao Tea Place,

presents Ateneo Scholars’ Week 5 with the theme “ELEVATE: Step Up your Game”!

(September 1-5, 2014)


With around 1,500 scholars present in the university, Ateneo Scholars’ Week is Ateneo Gabay’s flagship project aimed at gathering the scholars’ community and enabling them to level up in what they are passionate about in the spirit of nation-building and in the end, serving as an inspiration and empowerment to fellow Ateneans. As an umbrella project, it is composed of the following individual activities:


September 1-5 |Feels in the Blanks”, formerly called Sponsor-A-Kid, is a fund-raising venture of the organization to support its Erya Formation Program, a project that equips elementary school kids with thorough academic understanding through weekly tutoring. This project aims to solicit donations in the Ateneo community to provide for the school supplies, story books, and most importantly, high school application forms of the Erya kids of Balanti Elementary School and Batino Elementary School

Details: Doghouse | 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


September 1-5 | The “Scholars’ Lounge” is a week-long event geared towards forming and strengthening the bond among the Ateneo Scholars’ community by providing an avenue for scholars to meet and greet other scholars currently in the university. This can be seen through various interactive activities such as the Scholars’ Exhibit, which features prominent Atenean alumni scholars, especially around the campus.

Details: Colayco Pavilion | 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


September 1 | “Take Off: The Scholars’ Game Show” is the first in the series of events of Scholars’ Week. Filled with fun and dynamic games, the scholars are given a chance to bond with each other by participating in games. It also aims to showcase their multifaceted intellect and to recognize their potentials through the combination of their skills.

Details: MVP Roof Deck | 4:30 – 7:30 PM


September 3 | “Perspektibo: A Forum on Social Innovation” is a forum on current relevant social issues, featuring a panel of nationally-oriented speakers who are professionals in their respective fields. This year’s event revolves around the idea of social innovation, and how it can be achieved through different sectors such as education, environment and social media.

Details: Open to All | Leong Hall Auditorium | 4:30 – 7:30 PM


September 4 | “Scholars’ Mass” is the celebration in thanksgiving as one scholars’ community.

Details: College Chapel | 3:00 – 4:30 PM


September 5 | “Zenith: The Scholars’ Party 2014” is the culminating event of the Scholars’ Week where university and alumni scholars will gather together, eat, and enjoy the roster of performers prepared by Ateneo Gabay.

Details: Matteo Ricci Field | 6:00-10:00 PM


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ELEVATE: Step Up your Game, Ateneo Scholars’ Week

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