ELAn Salon and Spa: Affordable Ultherapy and Hair and Nail Services

If you’re a hardcore JaDine fan, you’ve probably already heard about Ultherapy. Nadine posted about this treatment on her Instagram stories noting that it helps her achieve the prominent jawline she’s ever so famous for. The treatment also made waves when Alden Richards revealed that it is his secret to a more chiseled face as is evident in his latest appearances.

Even before I knew the nitty-gritties of the procedure, I was already game for it. I mean, knowing that THE Nadine Lustre had done it and all. However, knowing how safe the procedure is and how I would be taken care of made me go all-in.

ÉLAn Salon and Spa takes pride in having the most affordable Ultherapy treatment in Metro Manila without compromising on quality. Aside from Ultherapy, they also offer hair and nail services, whitening and bleaching, fat reduction, micro blading, eyelash extensions and more. They’re basically your one-stop shop for all of your aesthetic needs.

What is Ultherapy?

According to Aira Portem, ÉLAn Salon and Spa’s Ultherapy-certified medical allied practitioner, it is a non-invasive face lift which aims to improve the appearances of lines and wrinkles by using ultrasound energy to improve collagen production. It’s also the only US-FDA cleared procedure that helps create a more contoured face and sculpted jawline.

Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to focally tighten the deeper layers of the skin. It can go as deep as 3mm to 4.5mm beneath the skin’s surface. It targets to treat the deep layers of the skin, so that skin tightening and lifting can come from within. Ultherapy can be done annually or every six months, depending on your skin’s laxity.

There isn’t much preparation needed before the actual treatment. My face was assessed and I was told which areas we were going to focus on. While the treatment mainly targets the face and neck, some other areas they wanted to focus on were : 1) lines on my forehead, 2) smile lines, 3) eye bags, and 4) my double chin—which admittedly was already bothering me because I hate to exercise.

30 minutes before the actual treatment, Lidocaine (a form of topical anesthesia) was applied on my face.

During the treatment, Aira started drawing lines on my face to help with precision. She also noted that the energy surge would be higher in some areas. During the onset of the procedure, I only felt some mild discomfort and tingling.

I can’t say the entire procedure was painless, though, because there were areas wherein I could really feel the energy surge. These were the areas close to my facial bones, like my jaw and my temples.

Other than that, the procedure was a breeze. The treatment last around 1 – 1.5 hours, depending on the client’s comfort level.

There’s absolutely no downtime after the Ultherapy procedure. I read in other articles that there might be some redness and swelling, but I didn’t experience that. I was able to go out with my friends right after the procedure was done. I did feel a little bruising a couple of days after, though. The bruising didn’t show on my skin’s surface, but I definitely felt it when I did my skin care regimen.

I was told that there’s no significant change afterwards since the skin takes time to produce collagen, but I personally felt that my skin was rejuvenated and tightened, especially on the neck and cheek areas. Noticeable results will be more prevalent after a month to three months after the procedure.

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