Alden Richards on his growing fanbase: ‘I won’t let you down’

Alden Richards has expressed his gratitude towards his fanbase who has been with him since the very beginning and which continues to grow as he ventures into new projects to further his career.

“Without them, I am nothing,” Alden told the press during media interviews for his new GMA-7 series The Gift regarding his fans. “I’ve always said that in our previous interviews. Ang fans po ang buhay ng artistaKung walang fans, kung wala na pong tumatangkilik sa amin, we’re in a way basically lifeless as public figures.”


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Alden spoke about the fulfillment he gets as an actor for being able to inspire his audience.

Kami pong mga artista lagi po kaming naiinspire when we get to inspire people. Mas lalo po naming gustong galingan sa mga trabaho namin. Mas gusto po namin lalong makagawa ng magagandang istorya because through those projects we change hearts, change lives, and that’s the main goal in being an actor and telling great stories so we thank them for giving life to us,” he said.

To him, it’s that ability and chance to be able to inspire people that every actor and actress is after.

“That’s the higher purpose of this job, being an actor, being a public figure. You inspire people with stories like this and, you know, things that you do. People look up to you because they see something in you. Something that keeps them inspired. And in a way they want to emulate what you’re doing,” he added.

He then gave a message of thanks to his loyal and now growing fanbase.

“To my—I won’t say old, but loyal—fans who have been there for me from the beginning, kung hindi dahil sa kanila, if not for their faith in me… isa kasi sila sa talagang mga nagpupush eh. They really push me to my extent and to my limits [and] because of them I want to do more,” he shared.

Dun po sa mga naniwala na bago, thank you so much for the trust and I will not let you down and I will always be a better version than yesterday,” he continued.

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The Gift premieres on September 16. Alden plays Sef who, after getting into a life-threatening accident, loses his eyesight and gains a special ability that is threatened to be taken advantage of by his half-brother.

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