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There’s only one thing for you to do when in Manila and in entrepreneur Kim Cariaso’s stall in Alabang Town Center: Eat his GF! Or his sausage, whichever strikes your fancy. Either way, Eat My GF (GF, of course, stands for ‘Garlic Fries’) offers a quickie when you’re hungry, and when you need it fast when in Manila.


Eat My GF When In Manila.








Eat My GF was inspired by the snacks-at-the-baseball-game culture of San Francisco, California. Quick and exuding the delicious stench of garlic, Eat My GF brought true game fries to Philippine shores. Starting from a food bazaar booth just over two years ago, the store currently has a prime spot in the Alabang Town Center food court, ready to let you have a taste of the best GF when in Manila.





The Eat My GF menu has a short-and-sweet selection; Original GF will always be a safe bet for someone new to garlic fries. Just the right amount of garlic goodness, it’s a perfect companion either when walking around or having a quick merienda with buddies. For those looking for extra freshness and flavor, the Virgin Chips has all you need. Made from young and freshly prepared potatoes, this was my personal favorite. The GF can be flavored to your liking too; Put Some Meat On Your GF by either adding bacon or sausage slices. Need a bit more garlic? Hit the G-Spot by opting for extra garlic servings. Someone really hungry might want to go All The Way; everything on your GF to really load you up.


All The Way.



If eating GFs is not your thing when in Manila, or when the stomach calls for something a little heavier, the sausages come to the rescue. Currently, Eat my GF offers two kinds of sausages: the original garlic sausage and the spicier beer sausage. The Garlic Sausage is served on original GF, while the Beer Sausage sits on top of Virgin Chips. Eat My GF‘s sausages are pretty hefty, and make a good afternoon snack or even a light lunch by itself. The beer sausage was named as such because it would be a perfect companion to, well, beer.



Beer Sausage on Virgin Chips



Garlic Sausage with Original GF.



Eat My GF also has food-to-share with friends. The nachos on offer come in two varieties, namely the Nacho Mama (regular nacho toppings with olives) and Nacho Papa (the olives are replaced with jalapeno peppers). The nachos are unique in that they are vegetarian-friendly, so vegans rejoice! Nacho Mama was deliciously mild, but Nacho Papa had us sipping drinks to cool off after just a couple of bites!



 Nacho Papa on the left, Nacho Mama on the right.



After eating GFs and sausages at Eat My GF, there is only one thing left to do: flash your best GF smile!





The Eat My GF smile. No instructions necessary.


For more information on Eat My GF, like their Facebook page.


Eat My GF – Tasty GF and Sausages at ATC


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