EAT MORE, WEIGH LESS Recipe of the Week: The Healthiest & Tastiest Primed Banana Pancakes by Chad Davis


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 This week, I’d like to share with you the healthiest yummiest pancake recipe ever!!


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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of finally meeting Wellness Coach Chad Davis of Ms. Cathy Turvil of Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay told me all about the Primed Diet by Chad Davis and Chef Cyrille Soenen (of the famous Impressions and Brasserie Cicou) when I had the chance to see her last month. Chad and Chef Cyrille both have a blog called Primed For Your Life where they share their passions for food, wine, fitness and health. The Primed Diet is their unique take on the Paleo Diet together with the Primal Blueprint of Mark Sisson. Their aim is to help more people become healthier by teaching them on how to breakaway from poor eating habits.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting him finally over breakfast at his place.  He prepared Primed breakfast recipes for us to try and it turned out as the healthiest and tastiest breakfast I’ve had in ages! I loved everything he served especially his Primed Banana Pancakes so I asked his permission if I can also share the recipe here on

After our meal, I immediately volunteered to join his coaching program where he’ll be helping me overcome my addiction to sugar (the #1 cause of my weight gain). For the Primed Diet, he gave me a list of what to eat and what to avoid. Basically, I should take out the CRAP in my diet according to him. From now on, I have to avoid eating rice, grains, bread, dairy, fried dishes and sugary food like sodas and desserts. Oh Noooooo!!!! I know you’re now thinking like, “WTF Mae!! That’s impossible to avoid!” Well, yeah I know, but I’ll still give it a shot. I’ve decided to pay attention to my body again for the simple reason that I want to enjoy life more and live longer. Today is my 2nd day with no rice and sugar and I feel good. With more will power and motivation, I believe I will do well after a few months. (wish me luck!)

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Anyways, going back to our featured recipe, these pancakes really rock!! I can’t believe they don’t contain any white flour at all! They used almond “flour” (simply finely ground almonds) as an alternative to the highly processed all purpose white flour used in most households.  The best thing about these pancakes is that, since they’re very healthy, you can enjoy as many as you want! No maple syrup needed as the bananas are naturally sweet plus you get that nutty crunchy texture from the almond flour as well! Totally guilt-free and something which I’m sure your kids will enjoy! Now this is what I call EAT MORE, WEIGH LESS!

Be sure to try this out and serve it at home!



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(1)   3 bananas
(2)   3 eggs
(3) 1 cup of almond flour
(4) Butter for fry pan
(5) 1/2 cup of tapioca flour (optional)
(6) Dash of coconut or almond milk (optional)



(1)   Mash up bananas in a bowl
(2)   Whisk eggs in a separate bowl
(3) Combine eggs with mashed bananas
(4) Add in almond flour and stir so the mixture is runny but not too much so. Consistency to be suitable to pour into non-stick pan
(5) Turn on stove top element to number 8. Add good quality butter so as to coat the pan slightly once melted
(6) Use plastic kitchen spoon to pour a handful of mixture onto heated pan
(7) Allow to cook until pancake starts to bubble slightly
(8) Flip the pancake and allow other side to cook



(1) Tapioca Flour is a grain-free flour derived from cassava root. It is a starchy, slightly sweet, white flour. It is not very nutrient dense and best consumed in moderation.
(2) A good quality maple syrup is recommended
(3) Banana pancakes are also a perfect mid-morning or afternoon snack that can be eaten warm or cold
(4) With the eggs, nuts and bananas in this dish, these pancakes are guilt free, nutritious, filling and healthy. Bon appetite!!


Stay tuned for another Primed recipe next week!

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EAT MORE, WEIGH LESS Recipe of the Week: The Healthiest & Tastiest Primed Banana Pancakes by Chad Davis