DyceNDungeon: Adventure Comes to Life at DyceNDyne on October 30!

DyceNDyne, in cooperation with Gaming Library, offers its visitors a chance to step into the well-worn boots of their favorite fantasy characters, with DyceNDungeon!, a Halloween event for the whole family.

Guests who arrive for lunch or in the afternoons are highly encouraged to bring their children in their best costumes. Kids who dress up get free loot bags, and can play an impressive selection of board games for them, including Ghost Blitz, The Great Turtle Race, and Tok-Tok. Big group games of Ultimate Werewolf will also be run throughout the day.

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The day’s festivities culminate in a unique dungeon crawling experience in the evening. At 6pm, the second floor of the restaurant will be converted into a virtual dungeon.

Parties of four will be welcome to participate in a daring escape of the dungeon, with traps to evade, puzzles to solve, and enemies to defeat. Treasures, in the form of a free copy of zombie-bashing hit Zombicide, await the winners.

Entrance fee for the whole-day event starts at PhP350 per person, fully consumable, while a PhP500 consumable door fee will be charged for participants in the dungeon crawl.

sam_7819Get ready for a virtual dungeon escape!

sam_7778Traps and mazes await!

sam_7765Solve puzzles to win treasure!

sam_7760Some playtesters see how good their hand-eye coordination actually is!

Sign up by visiting the DyceNDungeon event page on Facebook, or by calling the DyceNDyne hotline at 0906 307 8465. Slots are limited, so sign up now! Guests who need more members for their teams can message the event page for assistance.

Dyce N Dyne

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