Check Out These 5 Must-Try Board Games at Dyce N Dyne

There are tons of ways to have fun especially in this tech-driven era. But nothing compares to the kind of pure, unadulterated fun that comes from playing board games.

Many would agree that these are the best form of fun because it doesn’t run low on battery nor require a Wi-Fi connection. All you need is a good board game, a table, and friends to play with.

But you might say, board games are kinda extinct these days. Not many households have them. You’ve most likely thrown away the old Millionaire’s Game you had when you were young.

Fortunately, there are places like Dyce N Dyne.

Located at Elements Bldg. along Pasig Blvd., Dyce N Dyne is a place that screams ‘fun’ from every corner. It has tons of fun games that’ll surely keep you busy for hours. They have so many board games it can be a little difficult to select one especially if you’re a newbie. But don’t worry. They have a friendly staff who’ll give you recommendations and even teach you.


I’ve been here twice already and I loved it each time. One visit isn’t enough because it’s so much fun.

If you’re thinking of having some fun time with your friends, here are 5 games we highly recommend:


Dyce N Dyne Board Game Battlesheep

I loved this the first time I saw it because of its simple mechanics. You just need to move as far as possible in a straight line while moving your discs all over the hexagonal maze.

Each player start out with a stack of discs in various places in the board. Your goal is to make sure your discs still have spaces to occupy, while blocking your opponents. The person who has the least number of discs stacked wins.


Exploding Kittens

Dyce N Dyne Board Games Exploding Kittens

I’m not too excited with this game but it’s fun because of the surprise element. It’s the card version of Russian Roulette.

What happens is each player take turns selecting a card from a deck. You have to make sure you don’t pick an Exploding Kitten because it’ll explode (not literally, of course) and take you out of the game. You get to stay alive if you have a Defuse Card.

To make things more interesting, you can play other cards to attack, skip a turn, or locate an Exploding Kitten in the deck and re-position it so another player can get it.


Dyce N Dyne Board Game Mineshift

If you’re really competitive and like games that require strategy, then this is one I recommend.

Ideal for four players, Mineshift’s goal is for you to be the first to move your gems or mines to the other side of the board. You can only make one move at a time and it can either be moving your gem or turning the square boards to block your opponent’s path.

This will require you to calculate your moves and anticipate your opponents’. To make things more interesting, you can form an alliance with another player to keep the one in the lead from winning.


Cards Against Humanity

Dyce N Dyne Board Game Cards Against Humanity

Big groups should play this because it’s so much fun. I suggest you play this only if everyone is okay with getting a little naughty because there are answers that will really feel a little too NSFW. If you have kids with you, go pick another game.

I’m pretty sure by the second round many of you will already have a fit of laughter because of the combination of questions and answers that may or may not make sense. Each round, the person who asks the question picks the wittiest answer. You need to be the one with the most best answers.

Update: there’s already a Card Against Filipinos. This is awesome because you can be sure that everyone will get the references mentioned in the cards.



Dyce N Dyne Board Game Tapple

My favorite so far is this cute tiny game called Tapple. It doesn’t really have a board, but who cares? I guarantee you this is fun.

I like it because it exercises your brain and it’s noisy. Two minutes into the game, all your friends will be ROFLing so hard you might start to feel a little embarrassed.

The rule is simple: think of a word that starts with any of the available letters in less than ten seconds. Each time you think of something, press that letter so the others can’t use that. If you can’t come up with something in ten seconds, you’re out.

It’s simple because there are tons of categories and you’re sure to think of at least one. It’s the time pressure that makes it a little hard. Expect to experience short-term amnesia when you play this game. And lots of screaming. And even more laughter.

I’m not even remotely close to scratching the surface here. Dyce N Dyne is filled with so many exciting games you’ll want to come back over and over again.


Go visit Dyce N Dyne Unit #3 Rosemarie Elements building Pasig Blvd Pasig City, (across SeaOil), Pasig City.