Duterte: “If I Win, There Will Be No Expensive Oath-Taking”


Mayor Rodrigo Duterte personally filed is Certificate of Candidacy for presidency late November, which verified rumors and claims about his possible presidential candidacy.

With him vying for the country’s top position, there has been a love-hate relationship with him among voters. Although it seems that he has a strong following, some people expressed their issues on why they find it hard to go for Duterte. Even personalities like Gab Valenciano and Kitchie Nadal shared their thoughts about him while Carlos Celdran expressed his thoughts about his followers.

Duterte is known for being rough on the edges with his frequent use of strong language and curse words even when addressing the public. Still, there have been information going around of his possible plans in case he wins as president. These include his thoughts on ending labor contractualization for Pinoy workers and implementing “curfew law”.

Recently, Duterte said to the press:

If I win, there will be no expensive oath-taking. I will have it inside the Office of the President in Malacañang, invite just a few people and go on television to address the nation.

I do not care about tradition, I will do it my way, and then I will call the police and the military to stop crime immediately and wipe out illegal drugs in 60 days.

What do you think of Duterte’s statement about not having an expensive oath-taking if he wins president? How do you think can he wipe out illegal drugs in 60 days?

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