Kitchie Nadal Speaks Up on Duterte’s “Womanizing” Ways

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Davao mayor Rodrigo Duterte has made a lot of headlines lately. One of his biggest was when he proudly proclaimed his womanizer ways, saying he has a second wife and two girlfriends on the side. The result was the public was split into two: those who still cheer him on, saying his honesty is refreshing, and those who condemn him for objectifying women.

OPM singer Kitchie Nadal spoke out on the issue and her hesitation on Duterte on her Facebook page. According to her, Duterte should follow or at least respect marital laws. She says:

Womanizing (not womanizers) has to be condemned and not condoned. This is a serious problem in our country for many generations and the reason why our country has become MATRIARCHAL – mothers have to take all the responsibility of raising whole family, while the husbands womanize with society’s quiet approval.

She also discredits the notion that public figures’ private lives have no consequence on the masses:

It has become part of our culture to think that our leaders’ “private lives” have no lasting impact in society, when the reality is that followers and constituents emulate and follow the lead of their leaders. If ever you are thinking of voting for Mayor Duterte (and I include myself), we should keep in mind that men and women should uphold marital laws as seriously as criminal laws, because family is the very foundation of our society. We should follow these laws for the sake of our children, mothers, and wives – and that means every one of us – because their violation would lead to social chaos.

She then encourages Duterte to follow or at least respect laws:

Mayor Duterte, with all due respect, If you cannot follow these marital laws for your family, at least respect these laws for the rest of the families of our nation by upholding them still, like how you want us to sacrifice and respect other laws you are upholding no matter how hard it will be for many.

Nadal seemed to anticipate hate comments, and has a message for potential commenters:

Naiintidihan ko yung hinanaing ninyo para sa bansa. Kung gusto nyo talaga ng ‪#‎pagbabago‬, simulan nyo sa pagbibigay respeto sa mga comments ninyo. Hindi puro yabang. Please lang, hindi ako nanay ninyo para lecturan kayo at ipaala ng pag galang sa kapwa. Gawin nating itong productive alang lang sa bansa.

(I get your passion fr the country. If you really want change, begin by being respectful. Not just arrogance. I’m not your mother to lecture you about respecting other people. Let’s keep our comments productive for the sake of our country.)

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