Dusit Thani Manila: A happy Sawasdee experience

When In Manila and vacation is on the corner and you seek for a luxurious and relaxing freedom away from all the hustle bustle, Dusit Thani Manila gives you a Sawasdee experience that will truly put you at peace and tranquility.





Dusit Thani is a 5-star hotel that is themed as if stepping into the world of Thainess. Upon arrival, you truly will feel the Thai hospitality through how everyone is accustomed to the Thai way of greeting. Matching clothes, a very calm and welcoming attitude and greeting, it was definitely a calming aura upon arrival even through the hectic Makati City traffic.

Now what I noticed about Dusit Thani compared to other hotels, is with how they compete by using hospitality and great service against better facilities. The room we got was the Club Twin was spacious enough and had everything we needed for the stay. The room included drinks, snacks, a TV set with quite a good number of channels. The room also had a nice office chair and table with a mirror which I see as something often used by those on-the-go with their work even on vacation mode. Or for those who are staying in for business purposes. I attest to this since I was writing a few article drafts during the night.








On our first day, I noticed that the Dusit Thani experience truly focuses on an international, or so to say, an experience that brings you out of the country itself. The staff were a mix of different nationalities. One of the receptionists was Japanese, so I spoke to her in Japanese and I think she was surprised. Funny! Quite a number of foreigners were handling the front desks and I think this is really something to be noted due to the fact that the surrounding area of Dusit Thani is a big business district, also the fact that many foreigners reside and work in the vicinity.




What also caught my attention within Dusit Thani is with how calm and peaceful the aura is. I have stayed in a lot of prominent hotels locally and internationally, having a quiet aura is far different from one that is calm and peaceful which I found in Dusit Thani because of the staff gestured to us every time we would pass by. It’s as if they were trained the proper Thai way of greeting which I always found so calm and so welcoming. The way the color Gold accented the lobby of Dusit Thani also gave such a peaceful royal appeal. I love how Dusit Thani’s theme as a 5-star hotel is with the Thai and the hospitality aspects instead of just lavish walls and decors. For me, great service always comes first. I don’t want my accommodation to feel so stressful.

On our 2nd day at Dusit Thani, I just had to try out and hit the gym. Well, it’s mostly about me hitting the gym and not destroying my weekly routine. But yeah, I wanted to hit the gym to see what they had to offer there as well. The gym was very clean for a gym, I like how organized and well spaced everything is. The equipments are well kept are of good quality. The dumbbells are coated in rubber which I prefer over plain metal for safety.

After hitting the gym, we headed off to the swimming pool which actually can be seen through the cardio area of the gym. I liked how the pool PH level was kept really well. This is one thing I always notice with pools, with how dirty and how unbalanced the PH level of the Chlorine goes since we used to have a pool at home. The layout of the pool area was pretty nice and it was a good experience to relax a little after hitting the gym just floating around the pool. Resemblances of Thailand also roams around the poolside. You’d notice the statues lingering around the pool and some small huts nearby.









At night, the beautiful golden glow of Dusit Thani surely shows off. The aura is calmer, more peaceful and more relaxing. It is definitely a Thai aura.




During our breakfast, we were given reservations for the breakfast buffet at Basix. I extermely love the variety they had for breakfast! They had a number of different breakfast cereals and milks, tons and tons of bread choices and types, lots of variety for cooked and for fresh dishes, as well as soups. The variety was really huge that I wasn’t able to taste everything, which happens rarely, mind you. Everything was enticing, and I noticed how they focused on perfecting the cooking technique for each dish. Nothing was too hard or too soft, or overly cooked and under-cooked. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves for Basix.



























































Overall, our experience in Dusit Thani was really refreshing and relaxing. The Thai aura really slows down the time’s pace and detaches you from the busy hustle bustle of the world. It really is a great escape to relax and replenish spiritually in this type of ambiance.

LocationAyala Centre, Makati City Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact+63 (2) 238 8888

Photos by: Cholo Isungga and Ivica Say

Dusit Thani Manila Website



Dusit Thani Manila: A happy Sawasdee experience


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