Dunkin Donuts Gets Trolled By A Trolling Jedi

Dunkin Donuts Gets Trolled By A Trolling Jedi

Social media has become a reliable tool for advertisers to reach their audiences, but in the age where information comes at us in every direction, advertisers need to come up with more creative ways to make their messages stick. Another benefit of social media is that the audience can also interact with brands and let them know their thoughts.

Jai Pastrana let one brand know what he exactly thought when Dunkin Donuts announced their Obsession Collection promo, which was accompanied by a photo of a box donuts… all with bite marks. As a Trolling Jedi, he commented on the photo, saying:

Bakit po may kagat na? Pwede po ba yung walang kagat? Medyo baboy po kasi.

(Why are there bite marks? Can I buy a box without any bites? It’s kind of gross.)

Dunkin Donuts, whose social media team was clearly briefed to be interactive with their audience, answered with:

Hello, Jai! This particular box actually belongs to Derek (Ramsay) and Jennylyn (Mercado), which explains the bite marks. You can enjoy your very own Obsession Collection for only P249!

As a Trolling Jedi, Jai decided to answer back with:

Ahh, bakit po hindi nila inubos? Hindi po yata sila nasarapan.

(Ahh, why didn’t they finish it?

They probably didn’t like it.)

You, sir, just won the Internet.

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