Drum Tao – Japan’s Drumming Sensation – a Manila Debut


When in Manila over the course of the next few days head over to Resorts World for a ‘world-class’ performance by Drum Tao at Newport Performing Arts Theater.

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The group of performers consist of men and women whose ages fall between 18 and 41. Don’t let the ages fool you though this energetic group is built with lean muscle and endurance out the wazoo which is a natural result of their early morning runs and hour and a half long drumming practice sessions.

Each member of the troupe wields various sized dowels and clubs while striking their respective drum(s) many times throughout the night making for one hell of a performance and workout.

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The Japanese drums used vary in size but some are quite massive with the performers wacking on them with what appear to be large baseball bats. Other instruments used throughout the show include traditional shakuhachi flutes, the plucked koto, and the shamisen an instrument that looks like a banjo and is played by a rocker wearing a bandanna.



The performers were clothed in a quasi rockstar meet samurai warrior type of outfit and the stage performance left the audience smiling, laughing, and amazed. Each performer has their own stage personality and unique facial expressions which gave the impression that the performers really enjoy what their doing.


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The performance itself is a few acts long with an intermission in between. There are serious intense portions to Drum Tao with comedic bits mixed in. They also involve the audience in a few rhythm matching sessions which are fun if your into audience participation which most of the crowd was with the exception of a few elderly folks.


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Drum Tao, or the way of the drum, will leave you with sound reverberating through your body as you sit and watch this spectacular performance. Definitely worth a standing ovation and received galla night I’m sure this wonderful group of talented individuals have received many standing ovations throughout the life of Drum Tao. When in Manila for a pleasurable evening go see Drum Tao perform at Newport Performing Arts Theatre.




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Drum Tao performs July 12 to July 22 at Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila. Tickets are priced from P1,000 to P4,500.





Book online at www.ticketworld.com.ph

call 891-9999.

Also visit selected National Book Stores, Robinsons Department Stores, Greenbelt 1 and TriNoma box offices for tickets.

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Drum Tao – Japan’s Drumming Sensation – a Manila Debut