#DroneGoals: Travelers Take Aerial Shots Without a Drone in a Very Resourceful Way!


When you don’t have a drone but you want to take aerial shots? What do you do then?

These travelers were very resourceful and did something with their GoPro to be able to take drone-like shots.

Although the shots were not as high as a drone can take, it pretty much did the job… sort of.


According to Chiper Jay Belaong, the photos were taken in Magalawa Island in Palauig, Zambales .


He explained:

When we had a getaway with my friends for the long weekend, we wanted to capture the sandbar in the island yet it can only be done with a drone. So what I did is to look for a bamboo pole in the area and asked my friend, “bes” to hold the pole while we’re capturing the drone shot-like photo with a GoPro Hero 4. And boom, when we reviewed the photos taken, it somehow look like a drone shot. Sometimes you really don’t have to spend much buying material things, you just have to be resourceful.

Here’s what the pole looked like:


What do you think? Pwede na? 🙂