Drink Happy Thoughts at The Happy Barn Milkshake Factory!


Drink Happy Thoughts at The Happy Barn Milkshake Factory!


Just by looking at the milkshakes, it already made us feel happy and excited!


Drink Happy Thoughts at The Happy Barn Milkshake Factory!



Its UBErrific! 


The Uber Yummy Yam Milkshake is for the UBE lovers out there. I love the creaminess of this drink and you can really taste the ube in each sip.


DSC_0632 name

You’ll go bananas with this drink!


The Happy Monkey Overload Milkshake is a mix of banana, caramel and oreo cream pie. You can really taste all the ingredients I just mentioned. With banana tidbits! Mmmm…!



The Berry Happy Monkey Milkshake is made up of strawberry and bananas! And like the other flavors we tried, you can also taste both the strawberry and banana in each sip.


DSC_0655 name

Go poppin’ in every sip!


The Poppin’ Caramel Surprise Milkshake is one of their best sellers! It has a unique and interesting taste (not too sweet) and is topped with a generous amount of popcorn.


DSC_0659 name

 Cookie Butter in a drink? Why not!


The Spectacular Cookie Butter Milkshake is also one of their bestsellers! This is also my favorite! Its made up of what else? But the famous Speculoos Cookie Butter! Imagine sipping a milkshake made of that addicting spread. Its heaven in a cup! Just a little note: this drink is not on their menu so you have to “request” for it.(: And I’m telling you, you SHOULD try it!


All in all, their drinks have an interesting and unique taste in it. Every flavor blends well with the milkshake and is not “nakaka-umay”. You’ll surely get addicted and love all their flavors!

We also had the chance to try one of their lastest products, the Eggettes—a popular snack in San Francisco and Canada, the recipe is made by Ms.Abie herself! While the brains behind the milkshake is Jodi Sta.Maria, actress and part-owner of The Happy Barn.

The Eggettes will be launched in a few days time and will also come in different flavors.

DSC_0662 name

Eggettes is the perfect partner to any of their milkshakes



Soft and Crispy! 


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