[DRAFT] Schooling at Home is a Task for the Whole Family — Here’s How Each Can Contribute

Life in the new normal is a big change for everyone, and that includes kids and young students. All the changes can cause stress and confusion — especially for young students, who all of a sudden cannot go to school and see their friends, and instead have to transition to blended learning at home.

With the family temporarily becoming the child’s teacher, it has become their responsibility to make sure a child’s blended learning at home will be a fun, comfortable, and stress-free experience. And it’s not just a job for the parents, guardians, or heads of the household. It’s a job that requires the cooperation and love of the whole family. After all, that’s what family is about, right?

But because blended learning is new to most Filipinos, many families seek guidance to help them make this “new normal schooling” a great experience for both the family and the students.

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Rebi-School of Tips is a new campaign under Rebisco Snackademy that was launched to help families adjust to blended learning. They offer free tips, advice, and resources for families with kids currently studying from home. In the Rebi-School of Tips web series, in which they provide tips for families, the very first episode highlights the importance of cooperation of everyone in the family.

In this Rebi-School of Tips video narrated by the “helping hand” Mr. Bisco, the following should be the roles of each family member for a successful blended learning at home:

Nanay (Mama)

According to the Rebi-School of Tips, moms can take responsibility of setting a daily family schedule. What should dad, ate, kuya, and bunso do while the student is in class? What should be the order of everyone’s tasks or chores? This is to make sure that while online class is ongoing, there will be no loud noises from around the house or any activities that could be distracting to the student.

Tatay (Papa)

For dads, Rebi-School of Tips suggests that they can help moms in maintaining the order in the house, and making sure that everyone follows the rules while online class is happening. Kuya‘s music playing a bit too loudly? Dad can ask him to turn it down a little. Dads can also build a proper study desk and table for the student, so they can be more comfortable while in their online classes.

Ate, Kuya (Sister, Brother)

Older siblings, on the other hand, can help by passing down their old school materials or even gadgets that the child can use for their blended learning classes. But most importantly, the best way that siblings can help each other is by being respectful and supportive of their brother or sister who is studying from home. Class ongoing? Make sure to give your sibling the space and peace, so they can study better.

Bunso (Younger sister/brother)

Rebi-School of Tips suggests that to keep bunso quiet while online class is ongoing, the family can play with them or enjoy snack time with them. Rebisco has a number of yummy biscuits and crackers to choose from that bunso will surely love.

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Watch Episode 1 of Rebi-School of Tips below:

Want to see more tips like this? Learn from a community of moms, dads, guardians, and families through Rebi-School of Tips in the Rebisco Snackademy page. Follow them on social media! New episodes of Rebi-School of Tips are uploaded on the Rebsico Snackademy page every Friday.

Do you have a child or sibling currently attending online classes? Have any tips to add to this article? Tell us in the comments!

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