[DRAFT] Love Gaming? This College in Makati Offers a Degree in Game Development

“Kaka-computer mo yan!” Have you ever been on the receiving end of this famous Filipino mom phrase? Perhaps she thinks you’re wasting time spending all those hours on your favorite video game. But imagine this—how would you like to make a career out of gaming? And the next time you hear this phrase from your mom, it would be proudly, when you’re receiving your diploma as a degree holder in Game Development. Sounds awesome, right?

iACADEMY Nexus Game Development CourseImage: Reddit u/iamlegendawy

So if you’re passionate about gaming, this is your chance to make a career out of something you love. And you deserve that!

iACADEMY, a school in the Philippines that specializes in tech and design, offers a four-year course in Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing – Game Development. Under the program, young, aspiring game developers will learn how to create electronic, computer, and mobile games. And iACADEMY provides its students with a comprehensive experience. The course doesn’t only teach you how to program games and utilize the fundamentals of computer science—it also teaches design, studio art, electronic art, animation, and storytelling to help students create well-rounded, fun, and entertaining games. iACADEMY shares, “The BSEMC-GD program helps students develop the technical, professional, and personal skills needed in the industry. Students will learn about game programming, developing game engines and artificial intelligence, and designing and developing a complete game.”

iACADEMY SHS College cover 2Image: iACADEMY

Did you know that iACADEMY is actually the first school to offer a Game Development course in the Philippines? The institution is also a UNITY Authorized Training and Certification Partner, which means graduates of the course can take a certification test and become a Certified Unity Game Developer. An international program, having a Unity certification helps prove to potential employers around the world that you have reached a certain level of skill and expertise in your field.

A Rising Demand for Game Developers

In case you need facts to help you convince your parents that Game Development is a legit career, tell them this: according to reports, the gaming industry grew with a whopping $150-billion revenue during the pandemic. That’s a 37 percent increase from the previous year! This growth could be attributed to many people around the world staying at home during the first year of the pandemic, and relying on video games—desktop, console, mobile, and more—as their main source of entertainment. And as the industry continues to grow, so will job opportunities in the field. No better time to learn Game Development than now!

iACADEMY Nexus Game Development CourseImage: @elladon via Unsplash

Carl Louie So, program coordinator of iACADEMY’s Game Development Program, explains: “A game developer’s skill set is somewhere in between the skills of an IT, computer science practitioner and a multimedia artist. So the career path of a game development student is practically limitless.”

And if you think that Game Development means just video games, it’s not! There are a whole lot of things you can do. In this era of digital marketing, where every brand, company, and publisher is online and fighting for the attention of internet users, the skills of a Game Developer could not be more handy. As a Game Developer, you can create interactive videos, games, filters, ads, and online mini-games that could help attract viewers and increase post engagement.

Want to make a career out of gaming? Do it! Learn more about iACADEMY’s Game Development course here.


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