Disney Actress Sends Feminist Message With Braless Selfie

23-year-old actress Dove Cameron was probably best known for her appearances in Disney’s Descendants movies until a couple of her Instagram selfies went wildly viral with a bit of controversy. The Disney star posted 2 separate photos featuring herself in a tank top sans bra just this week. They were accompanied by messages of feminism but were still, unfortunately, the subject of many attacks.

In her first post, she shared a quote talking about the effect of the patriarchy on the collective spirituality of women. It explains how women have been forced to conform to the needs and wants of men, often to their own detriment. The ending sentiment is that this standard has to be changed.

(Risa Hontiveros Claps Back At Slut-Shamer: “Stop telling women how to dress.”)

Dove’s second post focuses more on embracing yourself as a woman, regardless of what that looks or means to you.

(Let’s stop shaming women for what they choose to wear)

While these posts were well-received by many, they were also heavily criticized by an equal amount of people. Several shamed her for going braless and calling it a ‘bad example’. One of the tamer comments read: “I just don’t understand how people find this empowering or inspiring. Like, she’s not wearing a bra, it’s really not that [deep].”

Dove replied to this particular comment by saying “I agree with you in the sense that it is not that deep. Or groundbreaking whatsoever. Or anything really to talk about,” Cameron replied. “But it’s only a big deal because this society is so beyond backwards that they have demonized basic anatomy and are very! up ! in arms! about female bodily freedom. They’re confused and loud about it. So, technically, it’s not a big deal and it shouldn’t be, and the idea behind posting something like this is to normalize it. Because a lot of girls feel confused about their bodies and what it means to be a woman (in a surface way, on this specific subject, about sexuality and men and who their body belongs to bc of long-lasting systemic repression). So, it’s cool to be like, it’s whatever. Embrace yourself. Don’t hide, if you wanna, and wear a bra, if you wanna. But don’t hide to avoid the backlash. Because you don’t deserve to have a–holes giving you s–t about Your Body.”

What do you think about this? 


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