DOTA: Tickets for DOTA 2 Manila Major go as low as 50 pesos!

If you thought tickets for the biggest eSports tournament in the Philippines would be expensive, here’s some good news: Ticket prices go as low as 50 pesos!

DOTA 2 manila

According to DOTA 2’s website,Tickets for the Manila Major — the third and final Major this season before The International 2016 —  will be ₱200/100/50 per day for the weekdays, and ₱400/200/100 per day for the weekend days.

Tickets go on sale this March 12, with the manila tournament starting June 7 – 12 in the Mall of Asia Arena.

The Manila Major Qualifiers will run from May 3 – 6, with Open Qualifiers on April 29 – May 2. Teams who make it through to the finals will be fighting for the $3 million prize pool at the end of the Manila Major.

Hopefully, we don’t get any problems during the Manila Major.

Regional qualifiers for The International 2016 will be held in the second half of June, right after conclusion of The Manila Major, with the Main Event set for early August in Seattle to determine which team will carry the Aegis of Champions into the next year.

Ticketing information available on DOTA 2’s website: https://blog.dota2.com/

Here’s DOTA 2’s teaser for the Manila Majors:

Will you be watching the Manila Major? Or will you be participating?