Domescape: Experience Glamping to the Next Level

City life can be really exhausting. Once in a while, you deserve to experience a retreat away from the urban chaos. If you’re looking for a place for a peaceful getaway that’s close to nature, check out Domescape, a geodesic dome you’ll find in Nasugbu, Batangas.

It isn’t just picturesque and very charming to look at. The overall experience at Domescape, the first of its kind here in the Philippines, is truly one for the books.

Dome 2

Domescape offers an unconventional way of glamping and goes beyond the typical tents. The vibe inside every dome is like staying in a luxury hotel with a mini forest just outside your room. They take pride in leaving some parts of the property untouched to give the guests a very authentic experience.

The property is tucked inside Barangay Tumalim, a quaint and quiet community known for its cool and refreshing river. The water from this river is also what flows through the mini private natural pool in front of each dome at Domescape. Interesting!

There are two domes available for reservation at Domescape. We stayed in the first dome, which can fit up to six guests. It has two comfy beds and one sofa bed that, in itself, is a piece of art for an Instagram photo! The comfort room of this dome is just a few steps outside.

The second dome can fit up to four people; and contains two beds, a mini kitchen with a sink, and its own private bathroom.

Inside Dome 1 at night

Both domes are fully air-conditioned and each one has a mini-fridge, a kettle heater, a microwave oven, a humidifier fan, coffee, and tea. There is also a water dispenser right outside of the domes available for all of their guests. You can also enjoy free toiletries and towels. You can bring your own food, too. In case you can’t, though, you can just message the host ahead of time, so that the caretakers can cook for you with an additional charge.

The caretakers are very accommodating, warm, and attentive. They cook delicious Filipino meals in boodle style for lunch and dinner including Sinigang na Hipon, Liempo, Inihaw na Tilapia, and fresh fruits. Yum!

You can also pre-order plated breakfast meals.

This glamping experience is very laid-back and relaxing – truly a must-try! You get to be close to nature without sacrificing on comfort. While the data signal is very poor to none, you can enjoy a good book or bonding with friends whilst there.

How to get to Domescape:

If you’re commuting, take a bus heading to Nasugbu, Batangas from Pasay or Cubao. Alight at Pasong Kawayan in Barangay Tumalim. There’s no certain landmark for this, but it’s just a few steps away from San Antonio Memorial Gardens. Pasong Kawayan is about 30 minutes past Twin Lakes Tagaytay, depending on the speed of the bus. The bus fare is around Php140-150. From Pasong Kawayan, take a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off at Domescape. One tricycle costs Php60.

If you have a car, you can simply pin Domescape on Google Maps. You’ll know you’re near when you drive past San Antonio Memorial Gardens.

They also have a set-up for bonfires!

It’s a plus that Domescape is just two hours away from Manila, near Tagaytay, and also near several mountains in Batangas. This makes the place perfect for adventure seekers who want to relax after wards. Domescape has constantly been fully booked since they opened this year, so don’t hesitate to reserve a night or more now!


Barangay Tumalim, Nasugbu, Batangas

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