DOH: Hypertensive, Diabetic Patients to Get Free Maintenance Medicine Beginning January 2016

DOH Diabetes Hypertension

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Starting on January 2016, patients suffering from hypertension and diabetes may get free maintenance medicine from DOH regional rural health units (RHUs).

According to DOH Secretary Janette L. Garin, essential medicines for maintenance of hypertension and diabetes can be received by patients suffering from such illnesses. They have to register with the DOH Hypertension and Diabetes Club in the RHUs of Regional Offices where they belong.

The database of patients will be formed from the list of patients who registered with the RHUs in the regional offices of the DOH.

Secretary Garin said, “This intervention will help facilitate risk assessment of community members and ensure regular follow-up of diagnosed hypertensive and diabetic patients… Patients needing them that will be in our data base will be receiving the medicines starting January 2016.”

To be part of the list, patients should consult with the nearest health center or primary health care facility to undergo assessment, screening and management.

The program was first launched in Pampanga in December 9.

Patients will access to DOH medicines for hypertension such as Losartan, Amlodipine, Metroprolol; and diabetes such as Metformin.

Additionally, patients will be included and are encouraged to join activities that promote healthy lifestyle so that their blood pressure and sugar level can be managed to prevent further complications of their illnesses.

Initially, this will be made available to the poor sectors of the community and seeking preventive check-up in the RHUs. Poorest patients who require insulin for diabetis will also be given access.

Individuals who are cared for in private health facilities, have several maintenance medicines, and have a lot of out-of-pocket expenditures may also join to have access to free maintenance medicines.

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