Does Hard Work Really Defeat Luck?

Words by Leika Golez

A lot of people say that luck is crucial when it comes to success. And I completely agree! In a way, life is just one big lottery. Right from the start, we weren’t blessed with the opportunity to choose our genetics, correct?

So it’s true that luck plays a big role in triumph, but it’s not the only role there is. Hard work is also just as relevant, if not more. I find that numerous people wind up abandoning hope for their dreams without even trying, simply because they claim to be “out of luck.”

And honestly, I don’t blame them. It’s difficult to stay self-motivated when we see many lazy people succeed. Here’s a simple classroom situation: your classmate barely studied but still ended up getting a higher grade than you did, despite the fact that you stayed up all night reviewing. And then the media always talks about the long history of prominent icons who have succeeded without apparently having to do much. These days, it’s almost as if hard work isn’t essential anymore.

But I beg to differ. Here’s why I think effort still counts.

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4. It builds a base for your future

When you work hard, you’ll inevitably learn things. You get to hone your skills and abilities, and you learn more about yourself throughout that process too. Let’s say you go to a job interview you prepared really well for, but you don’t end up getting hired. A lot of people will label this as sayang, but it’s really not. How can your improved skills and personal growth possibly count as wasted efforts? Those won’t expire anyway, so at least you can say that you’ve already prepared for whatever opportunities come your way.

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3. It makes you independent

You learn to rely on yourself and not just on mere luck. You’re capable of disciplining and motivating yourself to keep working towards your dreams. You’re not afraid to trust yourself because you know that no matter what happens in the end, you’ll be proud of how far you’ve come. And you’ll definitely be pushing yourself to go even further next time because you know that you can do it.

2. It sweetens the taste of success

It goes without saying that we value the things we work really hard for. It’s cliché, sure. But when you exert your everything into something, you can truly believe that you’ve earned it. So be proud because you definitely deserve to flex that accomplishment! After all, there’s nothing quite like knowing you’re worthy and qualified of all your achievements. Hard work really does pay off.

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1. It’s something you can actually control

As they always say, why dwell on something you can’t control? By working hard, you acknowledge that you’re capable of pushing yourself to go beyond than what was just given to you. By working hard, you realize that you’re much bigger than both the privileges and misfortunes you were born into.

By working hard, you choose to take charge of your life and create your own luck.

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