4 Steps to Achieve Your Dreams

Words by Gabriella Mercado / Graphics by Salie Agustin

Life coach Cecile Robollos recently facilitated a ‘Jumpstart Your Dreams’ workshop, where we made our own dream boards, set our own goals, and even experienced a one-on-one life coaching session with Cecile.

Here are 4 steps that we learned on how to achieve our dreams:


1. Set specific goals.

Goals are meant for you to experience the greatest version of yourself. The first step to achieving your goals is to identify them. This step can be daunting because goals are scary. You get doubts about whether you can actually achieve them or at the very least live up to them if you succeed. Either way, you need to FACE FEAR!

F inancial Goals

A ttitude Goals

C areer Goals

E ducation Goals

F amily Goals

E xercise Goals

A rts Goals

R ecreation Goals

Once you have chosen your goals, make sure that they are SMARTER.

S pecific

M easurable

A greed

R ealistic

T ime-bouund

E thical

R ecorded

Example: “I will lose 2-inches off my waist by September 6, 2017”

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2. Make a dream board.


The Reticular Activating System (RAS) acts as the brain’s information filtering system. When it receives information, it filters everything out and only remembers information important to you.


As Albert Einstein said, everything is energy. We attract what we give attention to. This is also called the Law of Attraction.

From a psychological perspective, dream boards program the RAS of the brain to pay attention to the things that are on the same frequency as our goals or opportunities. This is where the famous line comes in, “like attracts like”.

The dream board activates the Law of Attraction to begin manifesting your dreams into reality.

Now that we have covered the serious stuff, let’s get to the creative part! When creating your dream board, remember these 5 things:

  1. Clarity – What do you want? Specify it.
  2. Focus – Focus on your goal.
  3. Feeling –  Your dream board has to be fun and exciting. What you feel will help you towards your goals.
  4. Tangible Steps – Put things down visually and make things concrete.
  5. Momentum – Gain a sense of accomplishment. There might be times when you have problems and feel down, but remember to always take charge and reenergise yourself.

Types of Dream Boards

 “I know exactly what I want”

Best when you are very clear about your desires and want to change your environment or where you are right now. This vision board is composed of exact, specific pictures of the goals that you want.

    “Open and Allowing”

Best when you are not clear of what you want, but have an idea what it is. This is when your dream or desire exists, but you are unsure if it is possible. Be open to different possibilities! This dream board is composed of images that delight you. When you are done creating your dream board, ask yourself “what attracted me to this?” so that you can get an idea of what you really want or how to get there.


Best when you are focusing on a specific area of your life, like personal goals, business goals, or lifestyle goals.

3. Plan your goals.

Once you have decided on your specific goals and have created your dream board, break your goals down into specific milestones. These are your major accomplishments that will inch you towards Point B. Also, identify the dates when you want to accomplish these things.

Example: “I will do daily exercises from October 6 – November 6, 2017.”

4. Implement your goals.

After breaking down your goals into milestones, create daily action steps to accomplish them.

When creating your action steps, consider any obstacles that might come your way and how you can overcome them. What resources do you need to reach your goals? Who can help you (family, friends, coaches, etc.)?

Example: “#Fitness Goals:

50 Squats after waking up

200 crunches after waking up

200 crunches before sleeping”

Now that you know the 4 steps to achieve your dreams, what’s left is to DO IT! Remember not to fear your failures or your OWN success. Dream BIG and start with an end goal in mind.

“Jumpstart Your Dreams” workshop is organized by Dreambook Project and has regular runs throughout the year. To inquire on schedules and details, contact +639209086576 or email dreambookproject@gmail.com. Dreambook Project envisions a community of dreamers reaching their dreams and supporting one another.

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