Docdef 50 and Counting

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Docdef Productions just had one of its the snarliest gig at B-Side last Thursday – “Docdef 50” as a celebration of its 50th gig. Or, 50th, supposedly. This was a postponed event after typhoon Mario hit Manila on the actual date of the 50th gig, making this delayed production already Docdef’s 52nd. But not to “de-romanticize” the whole thing, the event was still a special one.

The night started out with the cool sounds of Identikit, a buildup for what was to follow. SUD was a charmer with the added saxophone and that sexy new song, Sila. Jensen and the Flips were not in their usual button-downs which was kind of refreshing and playful. Inevitably, their songs too (but not to undermine their usual get-up – they’re likable all the same). Miles Experience, another band from Docdef’s regular roster was just as smooth with their rock and blues sounds. Three familiar names joined the line-up last Thursday – Mayonnaise, Ria Bautista, and Tanya Markova – and they riled up the crowd. It was exciting to see these quality bands play last Thursday.

It may still be only on its 50th gig celebration, but in two years Docdef Productions is already creating ripples in the music scene with its successful audience turnout and tasteful curation. Catch them again tonight at Saguijo for Docdef 53 : Hatch -with Autotelic, Miles Experience, Masha, El Roboto, Soup, At The Moment, Sammy and Friends and The SunManager. Php200 gets you in with 1 free drink.

By: Chantal Primero




Docdef 50 and Counting


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