‘Real and pure’: DJ Loonyo Reveals True Feelings For Ivana Alawi After Rumored ‘Falling Out’

It began with a boyfriend prank on YouTube and ended with a “falling out”—the friendship between DJ Loonyo and Ivana Alawi was one that many of their fans and followers hyped up, to the point of them creating a loveteam hashtag that trended on Twitter a while back.

But now that the two are reportedly no longer in speaking terms, DJ Loonyo finally revealed what he truly felt about the actress.

ivana alawi dj loonyo

According to a report by PEP.ph, it was during an Instagram Live session on May 27 when DJ Loonyo candidly responded to the allegations made against him regarding his alleged relationship with a non-showbiz girl named Claire, who fans thought was the reason behind his falling out with Ivana.

“First of all, bago pa ‘yung Ivana na series, bago pa ‘yung boyfriend prank, me and Claire were already exchanging messages,” he said, after revealing how they started becoming close in the third week of March. “Masarap kausap si Claire. Totoong tao.

Despite their frequent online exchanges, DJ Loonyo clarified that he only thought of Claire as his friend.

“I have no plans to commit. Never ako nagkaroon ng plan para mag-commit,” he said, adding that he wanted to focus on his career first and foremost, which is why he moved to China.

When Ivana entered his life in early April for the boyfriend prank vlog, DJ Loonyo admitted that he started to develop feelings for her given their five-year history.

Nung nag-message na si Ivana — ‘Ganito, ganyan… maganda ‘yung challenges mo’ — the feeling was really different … I can’t understand the feeling — ‘yung kilig, ‘yung pakiramdam,” he said.

He shared how they began to talk every day and how Ivana helped him with so many things, especially with his YouTube career. “As time goes by, si Ivana was really my top priority. She’s very special to me. To a point na kapag nagme-message siya, automatic talagang masayang-masaya ako mag-reply. Kahit ultimo one line lang message niya, ang haba ng reply ko sa kanya. You can’t hide what you feel,” he shared.

Kasi ‘pag mahal mo ‘yung tao, mahal mo ‘yung tao. What I felt for Ivana is deeper than that. I decided to love her. I decided to do things that will make her feel happy and special.”

ivana alawi dj loonyo boyfriend prank

DJ Loonyo then clarified that it was during that time when he quickly decided to “cut ties” with Claire and focus his attention on Ivana. He also stressed that he never used Ivana for fame and that what he felt for her was “real and pure.”

Sadly, the #LooVana ship stopped sailing as soon as Ivana unfollowed DJ Loonyo for unknown reasons. Though many suspected that it was because of Claire, he explained that it was actually because they stopped talking for a whole week. “I believe Ivana unfollowed me not because of Claire. But it’s because of what happened first — ‘yung one week na hindi ako nag-message for my stupid reason. Nakakabobo rin talaga ‘yung pagmamahal, guys, sa totoo lang.

In the end, DJ Loonyo admitted that it was his own fault for not being completely honest with both Ivana and Claire and for hiding them both from each other. He then asked both women for forgiveness.

“For Claire, I’m sorry to drag your name in this. I’m sorry that people dragged your name because of me. And for Ivana, for causing a lot of trouble in you.

Know that I just love you. Know that you’re really special to me. Know that you’re really important to me,” he said.

“I just love Ivana. I’m gonna continue supporting her all the way.

I’m gonna continue loving her from afar.”

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