This DIY Shoemaking Kit for Kids Was Developed By Marikina Sapateros

Are you looking for a new, fun, and unique activity to do with your kids? Have you ever tried making shoes? How’s that for unique? Marikina is known to have some of the best shoemakers in the country, and Munting Sapatero makes it possible to bring that experience to your homes for you and your family to learn from and enjoy.

Munting Sapatero Shoe Making Kit for Kids 1

Munting Sapatero’s DIY shoemaking kit for kids was inspired by the owner’s son who became interested in the art of shoemaking. “He often sees the process and copies them using his pretend play tools,” Honey, the owner, shares. “He also loves the story of ‘The Elves and The Shoemakers’. That’s when I thought, ‘Why not show him how to make actual footwear that he can use after?'”

Since they already had the materials available, Honey curated a kit that would suit her son’s style. “He was so happy and proud of his work, he even wore the slippers to sleep,” she shares. After sharing the activity with other moms and getting overwhelmed by their positive response, Honey developed the kit and turned it into a business. This way, she gets to promote and revive the Marikina shoe industry and attract a new generation of shoemakers at the same time.

Munting Sapatero Shoe Making Kit for Kids 2

It goes without saying that Munting Sapatero’s kits are definitely unique. I don’t know about you but I haven’t seen anything similar on the Internet yet. It is actually the perfect activity to introduce to your kids during the pandemic as they are sure to welcome the new and fun kit into their lives. At the same time, you’ll get to teach them new skills, introduce them to the quality of Marikina-made shoes, and support local products. Plus, once you’re done with the activity, your kids will get to use and show off their comfortable creations.

Munting Sapatero Shoe Making Kit for Kids 3

Their shoemaking kits aside, Munting Sapatero also has other kid-friendly kits available, like leather sewing kits to make purses, and kikay kits to make keychains and hairclips. Munting Sapatero ships nationwide, so what are you waiting for? Order your kits now!

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