Diwata Universal: Yoga Mats with Style

Finally, Yoga Mats with style! When I first saw the designer yoga mats by Diwata Universal, I immediately fell in love. Each design was unique, striking, and empowering. It began with a dream. A dream to empower people to reignite a belief in themselves that they are capable of bouncing back from adversity and turn it into something beautiful.


Photo Source: Diwata Universal

That was exactly what designer Kathrine Anne Alano did. These mats are based on intricately designed wood paintings which she made during a dark period in her life. In early 2014, she publicly came forward as a victim of rape. Instead of being applauded for her strength and bravery, she was treated with harsh adversity by the media industry for making controversial remarks in reference to a well-known public figure. She lost her job and was openly criticized by people because she chose to stand up against the rape culture that has sadly become acceptable in our society. She used her art as an outlet for her creativity as it ignited her on a path of healing, acceptance and empowerment to continue to stand up for what she believes in.


Photo Source: Diwata Universal

Each mat is vibrant and colorful, making them the perfect match for different activities such as yoga, pilates, working out, or even as decorative hanging art pieces. These mats are part of my travel gear which I take with me around the world, making exercise easy and accessible to do at all times. The mats have an all-natural rubber bottom and are printed with an either microsuede (no animal products used) or microfiber top. The company recommends the microsuede tops for highly active yogis while the microfiber tops, which are more vibrant in color, are more suitable for low intensity yoga. Each design speaks of a moment of inspiration in the artist’s life and conveys strong feelings of emotional release.


Photo Source: Diwata Universal

These mats are available for purchase online through their website, Diwata Universal.  The company ships worldwide and is offering free shipping for all orders placed online. The company’s name comes from the Tagalog word, goddess. The symbolism in the name is intentional as they intend to inspire people to free their inner selves as they connect with nature. Using Diwata Universal Enterprises as a platform, Kat and her team advocate against rape and are campaigning to spread awareness about sexual abuse and the plight of the silent victims of rape culture here in the Philippines.


Photo Source: Diwata Universal

Her team has successfully launched a forum for victims to seek counselling and support through empower.org.ph. Both the website and Diwata Universal stand as a beacon that you can bounce back from adversity and create something beautiful out of it.


I personally use these mats and take them around with me when I am traveling and working on my blog, Adventure in You. When I first busted my mat out in the yoga center, it immediately became a big hit because of its captivating design. This newly launched brand of designer yoga mats is a breath of fresh air to people who are looking to incorporate some color and inspiration to their yoga practice. With 9 vibrant designs to choose from, you can select something that would not only suit your personal style, but something that you can also show off as art.

Aside from ordering the mats online through their website, the mats will also be available on display and for purchase over at Aura Athletica in Bonifacio High Street. The tentative launch for the product in Aura Athletica would be on September 12, 2015 where the artist will feature her mats and the original artworks that the mat designs are based on. This event is tentatively scheduled to be in the store from 3-6pm. 

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For more details of the mats, including their dimensions and price, please log on to their website for more information.

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