Divoom iFit-3 Universal Speaker Dock: Loud and can pound!

When In Manila and looking for a speaker dock that caters to your iPad, tablet, laptop and mobile phone, the Divoom iFit-3 speaker dock is specified for bigger devices such as any tablet and yet, still caters to other devices that you would be using as a source for your music. Boy oh boy, it doesn’t just work the way it was meant to. It really catered well in the way it reproduced music even for a single portable speaker.

Build: The Divoom iFit-3 has a similar body construction and build to the younger sibling, which is the Divoom iFit-2. The iFit-3 slightly differentiates itself through the more rounded off and classy back it has compared to the more edgy iFit-2. It has a higher back arch to comply with bigger devices such as a tablet, and also has a slightly wider base.

Sound Quality: I love the bass! The bass hits well and doesn’t go much bloated at all. It doesn’t have ground-shaking sub-bass, but the impact is superb specially for the size! I kept trying to throw different bass heavy songs on the Divoom iFit-3 and I didn’t get any bass distortion at all. I even threw in some Skrillex and Deadmau5 dub-step mixes and the Divoom iFit-3 handles them well. Even with having good quality bass, the Divoom iFit-3 has good treble extension and doesn’t get too veiled at all. What I also found really good with the iFit-3 is how the treble does not become piercing to the ears even on loud volumes. Some speaker’s treble becomes too hot to the ears once they go louder. The iFit-3 controls it well.

I’d really recommend this to those who seek for speakers that will be staple on their desk for multiple devices. Really good that Divoom retains the 3.5mm connection of their devices instead of just a single dock plug that limits the compatibility. I’d recommend this due to the really good sound quality for the price over the competition, and also with how loud it goes without distortion and clipping. The Divoom iFit-3 retails for P1,800 and can be purchased from AstroVision, PowerMac and SM Appliance Center stores.

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Divoom iFit-3 Universal Speaker Dock: Loud and can pound!

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