Discover What’s Cooking at Uptown Mall at The Fort

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`The Philippines is fast transforming into a world class culinary capital and Uptown Mall is poised to be at the center of it all.

From fresh foreign imports to veteran restauranteurs, here are just a few international establishments for those hungry for world-class cuisine.


Peperoni Pizzeria

Peperoni Pizzeria first launched in Singapore in 2004. Fast forward 12 years later, it finally opens its doors in the Philippines for the first time at Uptown Mall. Since its conception, Pepperoni Pizzeria quickly became a favorite for Singaporean fans of casual Italian dining. And now its sights are set on fulfilling the Filipino’s endless desire for Pizza.

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The restaurant specializes in wood-fired pizza which it offers in a variety of different sizes and flavors. Guests can order 9 inches to a gigantic 21 inch pizza perfect for barkadas and parties.

Pizza aficionados will be delighted with the extensive menu of 15 different pizza options to choose from. Each pizza is coated in cheese and sauce with garnishes that range from staples like pepperoni and Hawaiian pineapples, to the more sophisticated prosciutto and rocket salad toppings.

Peperoni Pizzeria

The restaurant also boasts a diverse selection of Italian classic dishes like risotto, gnocchi, customizable pastas and delightful Italian desserts such as tiramisu, panna cotta, and tortino al cioccolato.

Peperoni Pizzeria

Perpperoni Pizzeria at Uptown Mall promises a warm, comfortable and inviting experience. Walk thru the doors to enjoy the food, the atmosphere, conversations with friends and leave stress free with a belly full of happiness.



Just like Peperoni Pizzeria, the Malaysian import Morganfield’s is setting up shop for the first time in the Philippines in the upscale Uptown Mall.


In contrast to Peperoni Pizzeria’s warm ambiance, Morganfield’s carries a soulful bluesy feel. This is to pay homage to the tradition of the American Midwest and its cuisine which Morganfield’s passionately lives by. 

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The highlight of restaurant’s menu is the undeniably Midwestern-style stickybones, which is a special kind of rib that Morganfield’s sources from Spain. Diners can choose from spare ribs, baby back or lamb back ribs and Morganfield’s will deliver these stickybones to the customer’s plate seasoned in mouthwatering sauces and cooked to juicy and tender perfection.


At Morganfield’s, servings are huge and worth every peso. Guests are encouraged to try the overloaded Ribs Sampler which offers a taste of 3 different ribs flavors which guests can choose themselves. Plus it comes with a variety of sausages, corn and muffin side dishes.

Morganfield’s has delighted diners across Malaysia, Singapore, China and now the Philippines. Experience a soul-shattering, melt in your mouth stickybones experience at Morganfields, Uptown Mall.



Italianni’s origins can be traced back to Texas and was conceptualized by the minds behind TGI Fridays. Italianni’s recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and its newest branch in Uptown Mall is the latest step in a long standing tradition of world-class food.

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Brought to the Philippines in 1996, the newest branch in Uptown Mall is the 16th outlet and offers the Italianni’s experience to the multicultural community of Uptown BGC.

Italianni’s boasts a rich menu of authentic Italian cuisine perfected by Italian families. Find steaks, pasta, circle or oval pizzas, salads, cocktails, flatbreads, breakfast offerings and so much more. As veterans in the food industry, Italian gives its customers an ever growing selection of recipes to try and with the opening of the Uptown outlet; Italianni’s will undeniably continue to branch out.

quatro-staggione Italiani's


Meanwhile, shoppers looking for a more familiar taste can visit Fely J’s at the 2nd floor for Filipino classics or fast food favorites like KFC and Mcdonald’s at the lower ground floor.

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But apart from the diverse selection of dining establishments, Uptown Mall is also a premiere shopping destination. For world class footwear visit Base London, Hush Puppies and Bucketfeet at the 2nd floor. Also open are lifestyle and fashion brands Complex Lifestyle Store, Beyond the Box, Speedo, Orange Juice Chicco, Adidas, Urbanize and Chris Sports.

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Then for a luxurious movie experience, mall goers can visit the Uptown Cinemas at the 3rd floor. With 2 Dolby Atmos theatres and a high end VIP Cinema complete with butler service, film viewing at Uptown Mall is the perfect destination for date nights and movie outings with the family.

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Uptown Mall is the brand new lifestyle mall located in Uptown Bonifacio that preserves a luxurious atmosphere suitable for the multicultural and cosmopolitan citizens of Fort Bonifacio.

Visit Uptown Mall for a taste of the world and to experience shopping delights at 36th St. cor. 9th Ave. Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig, Metro Manila. For other inquiries on Uptown Mall please call the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Concierge at 709-9888, 709-0888, 0917-8380111 or visit



Discover What’s Cooking at Uptown Mall at The Fort