PHOTOS: Dimples Romana’s Breathtaking Underwater Maternity Shoot

Dimples Romana has really been relishing these recent months of her third pregnancy, if all her different themed maternity shoots are of any indication. In fact, it was back in March, right around the time when she revealed that she’s expecting another baby, that her shoots will have “four concepts” that each symbolize her feelings about being a woman and a mother embarking on this new journey that is both familiar and foreign.

Having already posted photos from the three concepts, air, fire, and earth, Dimples took on the challenge of the last concept of water, wherein she became one with the element and posed underwater!

“She wore her troubled past like scars – she had been through battle and though no one could see her demons, they could see the face that conquered them,” she began on her post quoting the poet Atticus.


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“Do you ever feel like you’re drowning and you can’t seem to find the light? May it be in love, in life, in desire. We all are fighting battles no one knows about,” she continued.

“I pray today that whoever is reading this and is feeling the weight of the waves on your shoulder and you feel like giving up, STAY, KEEP FIGHTING , KEEP SWIMMING, we are part water anyway. DANCE with the waves. And as they say, let the waves carry you where the light cannot. I’m with you in prayer.”

The photoshoot was taken by Martin Zapanta, who also filmed a short video:


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Dimples is expecting a baby boy.

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Best wishes to her on her pregnancy journey!

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