Dim Sum Fest by Li Li Restaurant At Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila: Siopao & Siomai Food Trip in Style!


Dim Sum Fest by Li Li Restaurant at Hyatt Hotel Casino Manila,


When in Manila and a dim sum fanatic like us but has never tried the Dim Sum Fest at Li Li Restaurant at the Hyatt Hotel Casino Manila, then boy YOU are missing a lot!! Yeah!! Seriously a LOT!!


Like every adventurous foodie in Manila, we too experience those sudden dim sum cravings so we regularly drop by our favorite dim sum place to enjoy our all time favorite siopaos! What is there not to LOVE about dim sum anyway??!! Filipinos have learned to love these soft yummy meat filled buns as well as those silky pearl-like siomais and hakaws!! Oooooohhh la la!!!


For this weekend though, we’ve decided to kick our dim sum trip up a notch higher so we decided to try out the highly acclaimed dim sum Fest at the Hyatt Hotel Casino Manila. Call that eating siopao and siomai in style!!! They got a wide variety of dim sums to choose from!


From  Mondays to Saturdays, Li Li Restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat dim sum for just PHP 788 net per person, available from 12:00noon to 3:00pm.  The fun begins with choosing from a menu featuring a long list of culinary delights.  Each delicacy is freshly cooked and served hot.  So unlike other buffets where all the dishes are on table, in this case, all you have to do is comfortably sit and tell your waiter which dim sum you fancy and they will serve them to you warm and fresh!!!


Here’s what we devoured….



We never thought this humble looking soup  at Li Li Restaurant would be so mind blowing! In all the soups I have tasted this would be the 2nd one which I will never forget! The seafood was ultra fresh and had the right temperature and consistency… simply a masterpiece! (standing ovation!)



 Braised pumpkin soup, seafood, harsmar



And so our dim sum feast began…. 

 Har gao Steamed shrimp & bamboo pith dumpling




Sio mai Steamed pork & dried scallop dumpling 




Bouillon dumpling soup, crab meat, conpoy 




 Deep fried bicho-bicho, shrimp, wasabi-mayonnaise sauce




 Deep-fried taro & assorted seafood dumpling



 Baked barbecued pastry puff, apple




 Steamed barbecued pork buns




 it was definitely a filling feast!!





But wait there’s more!!!  We got surprised when the chef prepared more specialties for us!!








 Here’s what the chef recommends…..





Japanese conpoy soup, seafood, abalone shell 




Pan-fried prawn, chili, garlic & coconut sauce in casserole



Pan-fried egg bean curd, scallop, shrimp 




Crab meat with cream and egg whites



Imperial Peking duck




Suckling pig sushi, jelly fish




And so the fun feast continued on……


 we couldn’t get enough of the pumpkin soup!




 now you see it……




…. now you don’t! 

That’s how good it was!




 a look at Frank’s plate! @@




 the very satisfied Bea and Badeth




 after that sumptuous filling feast, we were served with heaping cups of hot tea…..




 … the tea was just perfect!! soooooo satisfying!





For our sweet ending……


 Glutinous dumpling filled with  white chocolate covered in fine peanut

ooozing with heavenly sweetness…..




Oh boy were we impressed! Two thumbs up to the brilliant people behind Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila!


 Thank You Ms Laurie Reyes for having us!!




 and of course to our Maestro Chef for his wonderful culinary creations!




we were on a siomai high!!!!

This is the Ultimate Dim Sum Trip!!




All foodies in Manila should definitely experience this! Definitely worth every hard earned peso! =)




Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

1588 Pedro Gil cor M.H. del Pilar, Manila

+63 2 245 1234


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Dim Sum Fest by Li Li Restaurant At Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila: Siopao & Siomai Food Trip in Style!



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