Digital Walker Cafe (DW Cafe) Wallet Friendly Japanese Food at the New Eastwood Mall

When in Manila and craving for a quick Japanese meal, head over to Digital Walker Cafe (DW Cafe) and order a delicious dish or two that’s sure to fill you up without hurting your wallet.  Conveniently located beside Digital Walker in the new Eastwood Mall, DW Cafe is the place to head to when hungry after a day of shopping. Although they serve mainly Japanese dishes, they also have an assortment of cakes and Lavazza coffee for those who want a quick snack.

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 After school, I made my way to the cafe, and honestly, I didn’t really have high expectations. Let’s face it, most of the food that we’ve come to associate with so-called cafe’s are more often than not, overpriced food that we can cook for ourselves at home. However, when I saw the exterior of the cafe, I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe, DW Cafe would serve food that wouldn’t make me regret ordering anything as I often do after leaving a “cafe”.

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 Upon entering the establishment, I was impressed by the crisp clean lines of the interior and how the grey colored walls were not only soothing to the eyes but how they managed to make the white furniture pop! against them. I took a seat and while waiting for my food to arrive, the manager was kind enough to approach me and insisted that I try one of their best- selling drinks, that being a Mudslide Espresso Frappe. She assured me that I would enjoy it despite my not being a fan of anything with Espresso.

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Mudslide Espresso Frappe (P125). Kudos to the manager for making me try this! With a hint of Bailey’s, this chocolate-y drink  is something I look forward to ordering the next time I’m here.

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 Uni Pasta (P255). A cream based pasta topped with sea urchin.

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Unagi Pasta (P255). Pasta served with slices of eel and green bell peppers.

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Umo Rice w/ Gyudon (P225). Basically, this was ketchup rice wrapped in an egg omelet served with slices of beef. The beef was tender and did not require horse power to chew up and tear apart, I say this because oftentimes beef dishes tend to be overcooked thus making it hard for one to take in.

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Beef Tomato and Cream Hamburger Steak (P245). Served with potato wedges.

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Spicy Karaage (P155). This was hands- down my favorite dish served! In fact, I recall calling dibs on the last piece. Basically this is fried chicken bits with a hint of spice, not too hot but no too mild either. Just enough for you to go, phew! Pardon my dorky description, but seriously, when you’re in DW Cafe, give this dish a try!

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Over all, the food and drinks were great and it didn’t hurt that I had great company! DW Cafe is definitely a restaurant for keeps and is a place I’d recommend you all try out! So, when in Manila and looking for a quick bite that is not only ridiculously delicious but wallet friendly too, head over to DW Cafe in the new Eastwood Mall and order away!

Digital Walker Cafe (DW Cafe)

Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City, Quezon City

 584-3745 (Eastwood)

Digital Walker Cafe (DW Cafe) Wallet Friendly Japanese Food at the New Eastwood Mall