Diet Buddy PH: Your New Bestfriend in Losing Weight


 With Diet buddy, each day just keeps on getting better. Just imagine the look my face when I saw barbecue and bico side by side.



 So yes, I was on a diet and I was eating barbecue. WOOOH!


Diet Buddy believes that diet meals need not taste bland and it that it should not be a struggle to consume. With proper portioning and careful preparation/cooking, consuming diet meals would become fun, exciting, and a  healthy way of life. 


 The fifth day of Diet Buddy made me feel sad and happy at the same time. It was my last meal from them for the week so I was definitely gonna miss all that good-tasting diet food. However, it got me happy because I saw Palabok and Tupig.


All meals are properly reviewed and checked by a certified dietician and nutritionist named Ms. Jasmin Lagrada, a certified Nutritionist and Dieitician, and the Dietician for Mary Johnston Hospital. She reviews and checks all diet meals and makes sure that all clients consume the proper meals with the correct servings of nutrients, carbohydrates, protein and fat.  



Tupig reminds me so much of my chidhood, thus making it a nostalgic snack for me. And for the Palabok, it’s just MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PANSIT! This healthy version was just as tasty as the “normal” ones.   


Ending my Diet Buddy experience was pretty saddening but there is always next, right? Here’s how you can order!


Text or a call  09165270314

Message Diet Buddy PH on FB

You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter @dietbuddyph

Diet Buddy PH Diet Delivery

 This was what I had last week and if you want to experience a happy diet like this too, book now! READ: The plan is 1200 calories per day which includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. The 5-day plan is Php 1700 with free delivery within Metro Manila.



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Diet Buddy PH: Your New Bestfriend in Losing Weight


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