Yoga For Life: Touching Lives of a Positive Community through Meditation and Classes

yoga enthusiasts with their poses

When in Manila, the pressure and stress of everyday life seems to lull all over the place! A good way to overcome all these negativities would be to eat healthy and to exercise. One great form of exercise and action towards clean living would be to practice yoga. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline that allows you to find your center and find tranquillity.

me and my friends anne and anly

Last May 15, I was joined by my best friends Anne Cua and Anly Siasin in an event in Glorietta 3 Park Ayala Center, Makati entitled “Yoga For Life: Touching Lives” where yoga enthusiasts and HIV/AIDS advocates joined the world in the 28th International AIDS Candelight memorial. It was the first community launch of Yoga For Life as a non profit organization which was spearheaded by the co-founders Charmaine Cu-Unjieng and Paulo Leonido who were also joined by the country’s lead yoga instructors. They demonstrated their support for HIV/AID awareness in what they know best: through practicing yoga. Advocates, yoga practitioners, media partners as well as first timers were encouraged to join in the yoga session which was held in the most unique way; outdoors and in the middle of a busy district.



The participants were led with a series of yoga posters demonstrated by acclaimed yoga instructors Roland dela Cruz, Jeannie Javelosa, Tesa Celdran, Marilen Elizalde, Marc Carlos, Lex Bonife, and Rebecca de Villa. These instructors were very hands-on in teaching the participants the by roaming around and gently placing the participants in the correct poses.



After the yoga session, the “kirtan” which is an ancient chant was sung with the crowd while passing around lighted candles to each other where you can really feel the sense of community. Another crowd favourite was when “Seasons of Love” began playing. People around the park were so emotional and passionate as they sang along with the lyrics “Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes”


An auction was also held afterwards where items such as gift certificates, bracelets, towels and yoga mats were showcased. The proceeds of the auction will go to a good cause so participants were very motivated to join in the activity

me with Charmaine and Paulo

All in all, I had a great time! I myself am a yoga enthusiast and I learned a lot from Yoga For Life. Yoga is not just a physical thing but a way of life for people with the purpose of enlightening others with the knowledge and awareness about the self and others.


So When In Manila, don’t forget to relax and meditate. Yoga for Life offers classes which involve breathing techniques, poses and meditation. To find out more about them check out their website


Yoga For Life: Touching Lives of a Positive Community through meditation, poses, positions, postures and classes.


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