Did You Know You Can Visit the Beach Without Leaving the City?

When in Manila, the hustle and bustle of city life can easily get to your head, especially when you’ve got a ton of things you have to think about in terms of work, projects, and deadlines. In fact, work can get so overwhelming at times, it can be hard to find time to go on a proper vacation.

How many times have you sat at the office and dreamt about visiting a sand-filled paradise? How many times have you wished you could just get away – if even just for a day – to relax in the sun and swim your worries away? In case you didn’t know yet, you can get away and experience all of that without having to leave the city. Just spend a day… or two… or three… or even a whole week or month at one of Siglo Suites’ properties.

Azure 13

Siglo Suites offers accommodations to suit everyone’s needs – from a 1-night stay at a fully furnished condotel to a few months at a fully furnished monthly serviced apartment to even more long-term stays at a fully-furnished traditional leasing apartment; you are sure to find the perfect place to suit your needs. (Housekeeping services are also available at a fee for long-term traditional leasing apartment services.)

My friends and I decided to get away and stay at Siglo Suites at Azure Urban Resort Residences for a night – and it proved to be exactly what we needed.

Azure 6

What specifically drew us to Siglo Suites at Azure was the fact that they offer a beach in the heart of the city – need we say more?

If you decide to go to Siglo Suites at Azure, you will feel like you’re living in a resort every single day, while still staying in a room that proves to be functional enough for city life.

Azure 2

You have your living and dining room, your bedroom, your bathroom, your kitchen, and your balconies to complement the true urban dweller’s lifestyle.

Azure 10

Azure 8

Azure 9

Once you head downstairs, you will be greeted by the true centerpiece of Siglo Suites at Azure: the Azure Beach.

Azure 12

Azure 4

While obviously not a real beach, it is iconic on its own being completely man-made with fine white sand, and even waves and waterfalls.

Azure 5

Azure 7

It even has a cool Beach Bar at the center, proving to be the perfect hangout spot for light snacks and a variety of drinks. It also houses a DJ deck for day James and night parties.

Azure 1

Have kids? They have a Children’s Beach Playground, too, where kids can enjoy fun slides and other cute water activities.Azure 3

Another great thing about Siglo Suites at Azure Urban Resort Residences is that SM Bicutan is just right down the road. You can avail of a free shuttle service at the lobby (exclusive to guests of Siglo Suites) at a scheduled time to bring you there should you ever need to buy something or simply want to spend a day at the mall for a change.
Azure 11

Even without heading to SM, though, you’ll never run out of things to do at Siglo Suites at Azure. From a morning session of outdoor yoga to a pickup game at the basketball court or beach volleyball, you can then wind down with sunset mojitos at the bar, a romantic dinner by the beach or a late night out dancing at the Paris Beach Club’s lounge. Siglo Suites at Azure has something to offer for anyone any time of day.

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