Did You Know that Monopoly is Releasing a Cheater’s Edition?

Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Seems like cheaters will soon have a field day when Hasbro officially releases the Monopoly Cheater’s Edition.

You’ve heard it right. The board game even comes with a handcuff! If you’re someone who takes pleasure in cheating, then you might want to check this new game out. It is said to have 15 cheat cards that will allow players to steal from a bank or avoid paying rent among others during gameplay. If you’re successful in carrying out the cheats, you might get rewards such as extra cash or property. But, if caught, you’ll get handcuffed and sent to jail.

So what inspired in creating this latest edition of Monopoly?

Jonathan Berkowitz, the senior vice president of Hasbro, told INSIDER that a recent study conducted by the company revealed that “nearly half of game players attempt to cheat during Monopoly games, so in 2018, [they] decided it was time to give fans what they’ve been craving all along – a Monopoly game that actually encourages cheating.”

The Monopoly Cheater’s Edition is expected to be available in the U.S. in the fall for USD19.99 or about Php1,000.

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