Did You Know That AJ Dee is Now a Fashion Blogger… in Norway?

One of the celebrities we crushed on back then was AJ Dee, an actor who had roles in Bridges of Love and Pasion de Amor. Suddenly, in 2016, he flew to Norway to be with his wife and two kids. There, he achieved newfound fame with his blog The Filo Dapper and his Instagram account, which has almost 70,000 followers.

On both his blog and Instagram, he posts some of his outfits of the day (OOTD), which are mostly elegant suits in neutral colors.

According to the actor, he was inspired to start blogging during his travels. In an interview with Felipe & Sons’ website, had apprehensions at first. He said, “I knew I wasn’t good at writing, I didn’t know much about photography, but one day I decided to just go for it.”

His sense of style was further developed by handling the sales and social media of a local menswear boutique that offers Italian brands and made-to-measure services.

Now, as they say, the rest is history.

We took a look at his stylish Instagram account and compiled some of our favorite looks:

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