Derek Ramsay Defends Self Against Netizens Blaming Him for His Failed Relationships

Derek Ramsay’s recent breakup with his long-term girlfriend Joanne Villablanca has been the subject of scrutiny by Pinoy netizens.

So much so that what was meant to be an uplifting message about self-love and healing on Derek’s Instagram account — a quote said by his character Mark in the hit movie One More Chance — turned into an opportunity for bashers to criticize the actor for his failed relationships.


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Wow talk about a blast from the past! #onemorechance #movielines @beaalonzo #jlc

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“Don’t ever think it was a mistake to find yourself—that you chose to love yourself a little bit more.”

“Main excuse of a guy who wants out cause he’s [eyeing] his new “PREY” [That’s] what real PREDATORS do,” one netizen said.

Meanwhile, another Instagram user said, “Hay nako derek [nakaka-bwiset ka] na.. dami mong hanash.”

Derek, however, did not take these jabs sitting down and responded to his judgers. “If you say so,” he told one netizen. “Then don’t follow me [please],” he said to another.

Derek Ramsay Instagram bashers

Others stood by the actor and gave their messages of support.

One user said, “I don’t get why he gets all the hate. That’s the reality of life. Many couples break up and part ways even after years of being happy together.

Who are we to judge? Do we know everything about them or him?”

Another added, “I don’t know Joanne but I like her a lot. Very simple and beautiful. I really thought she was the one for you… I hope that she is ok and will recover well from this. 6 yrs is really a long time and it must be hard to let go and move on.. #staystrong.”

Derek Ramsay Instagram supporters

Derek and Joanna have been together for six years, moving in together in 2017, before breaking up in June 2019. His last long-term relationship had been with Angelica Panganiban which also lasted six years from 2006 to 2012.

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