Dengue Vaccine Poses Alarming Risks According To Analysis

Gone are the days when Dengue only occurs when it’s cold and raining. Based on the recent studies DOH released, Dengue cases happen all year round. In fact, one of our staff got hospitalized last month due to Dengue. Obviously, it can now occur anytime, regardless of the season.

On February 2016, the first Dengue vaccine was introduced to the Philippines through Department of Health’s initiatives. Additionally, the government had already set P3 billion in the 2016 budget for the dengue vaccine. As confirmed by the reports, the anti-dengue vaccine shall be given to children 9-10 years old since they are the usual targets of the virus.

Furthermore, in an article we wrote last year, Health Secretary Garin said that Benigno Aquino III has approved the provision of dengue vaccine to 1,077,623 9-year old Filipino students who are currently enrolled in the National Capital Region, Central Luzon (Region III), and Calabarzon (Region IV-A) areas.

The vaccine is called Dengvaxia and manufactured by Sanofi. However, what had been considered a medical-breakthrough is now apparently a nightmare for everyone.

In a statement issued by Sanofi last November 29, 2017, it mentioned that they recently found “differences in vaccine performance based on prior dengue infection.”

The statement was made in Paris, France and asked the health authorities who were granted access to Dengvaxia to update the information cascaded to physicians. Apparently, the said vaccine may cause severe cases if given to a person who had not been previously infected by the virus.

Meanwhile, the Health Secretary Francisco Duque promptly instructed the Dengue Technical and Management Committee to meet the experts to help determine the next steps.

In a press conference held December 1, Duque mentioned the agency will place the dengue vaccination program on hold while they wait for their experts and key stakeholders decision on this matter.

He further stated “the safety of the children vaccinated is paramount, and the Health Department will need to do surveillance of those given Dengvaxia with no prior infection. It’s really a big task, ” ABS-CBN reported.

Follow your pediatrician’s advice and proceed with caution

Please keep in mind that vaccines are administered carefully and thoroughly by doctors only.  A patient whether or not had dengue must be properly assessed by your respective pediatricians to avoid mistreatment. Always proceed with caution.

DOH Secretary Duque said that the agency will closely monitor all children who were given the dengue vaccine. Parents, on the other hand, shall be required to give information on their children’s vaccination history.

Senate Probes The “Disturbing” Discovery

Senator JV Ejercito took to Twitter his announcement to initiate Senate investigation about the “disturbing” discovery of what is supposedly an anti-dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia, manufactured by Sanofi.

He also wants to “investigate further” should there be any irregularities that took place during the procurement.

The Philippines is officially the first country in Asia to approve the first dengue vaccine in the world. has also reached out to Sanofi. We’ll update the article once the statement has been received.

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