Demi Lovato’s Impromptu Performance of Paramore’s ‘Misery Business’ Just Made Our Emo Dreams Come True

Demi Lovato has gone a long way since her Disney days. She’s one of the biggest music stars of this time, and she has the powerful vocals that prove that she deserves all that recognition. Her many hit singles and performances have been displays of her tremendous talent, but Demi’s recent appearance at an event in Los Angeles just proved that she’s more than just a pop star.

Demi was a guest DJ at Emo Nite L.A. which was basically a party whose soundtrack was all things emo. Partygoers and emo fans alike were all up for a treat when Demi started singing Paramore’s hit song from their “emo” days, Misery Business.

It all happened when they experienced technical difficulties with the sound system and the Stone Cold singer instantly filled in with her awesome vocals. And man, did it feel so good!

Check out the footage below:

Hayley Williams would definitely be proud of that impromptu acapella cover.

This has just made me realize how amazing Demi would sound as a pop punk artist. Maybe her next album should be an emo one. We all know it’s not just a phase. More of punk rock Demi, please!

What did you think of that impromptu cover by Demi? Which emo song do you think she should cover next? Share it with us!