Dell Releases XPS 8300, XPS 15z and Inspiron One 2320 Targets Philippine Consumers




When In Manila and you feel that its time to replace that old PC, then let When In Manila show you some of Dell’s top of the line offerings for consumers. Combining sleek design and powerful specs these PCs will surely be able to handle any tasks thrown at them, plus you get that guaranteed satisfaction from Dell.




First up we have the Inspiron One 2320 which is an all-in-one PC. For those who don’t know what all-in-one PCs are, they are actually a computer monitor with the CPU compressed on its back (see pictures, ignore the tower as that belongs to the XPS 8300). Basically the Inspiron One is supposed to be a family PC that could work as small home theater device, it even has a remote that lets you control your media player from afar. One thing that I really loved about this is that it basically has less clutter than your regular tower machine because you have less wires around back.



Processer: 2nd generation Intel Core i3

Display: 23” WLED with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution with touchscreen

Memory: 4GB DDR3 Memory

HD Webcam

Hard Drive: 500GB SATA 3.5”

Graphics: Nvidia GT 525M discrete graphics

8:1 Media Card Reader

Optical Drive: DVD+ /-RW

Wireless keyboard and mouse

Wireless LAN and Wired LAN options

Audio: Integrated HD Audio w/SRS and JBL-branded speakers

Dimensions: Width 567mm (22.32”), Height 397mm (15.6”), Depth 68mm (2.67”)

The Inspiron One 2320 is currently available at an SRP of Php 54,900.





For those who wants more a more powerful monster PC (like me), Dell shows off its XPS 8300. Packed with the most powerful Intel i7 processor and 12GB of DDR3 dual channel memory, this monster easily lets you photo and video edit to your hearts content. Of course all of that power must be accompanied by a HUGE amount of disk space thus Dell provides its XPS 8300 with a 1 TB hard disk.






Love media? then be prepared to be blown away… because the XPS 8300 is packed with a 7.1 THX TruStudio PC sound processor couple that with a 23” monitor that plays full HD video. On the other hand if games rock your boat then how about slapping a DDR5 AMD Radeon HD 6770 capable of DirectX 11 sound?

Overall this PC would cost you around Php 59,900 which is almost the same if you would try to build your own top of the line PC except this one you saves you the time / effort to build one.




If you feel that a laptop would suit you more, then lucky you! Dell also has a top of the line laptop to address to your mobile computing needs. The XPS 15z sets itself apart from the competition by offering a stylish exterior while maintaining awesome performance. This is actually Dell’s first in a new series of thin, ultra-powerful laptops. At less than an inch thick and just below 6 pounds, this laptop offers great mobility which is perfect for people who needs a powerful PC while on the go. Specs and price might vary depending on customization so it would be best if you go to Dell’s website for more information on the product… but overall the price could range from Php 65,000 to Php 89,000.




Dell is not new to the computer game, at my work place we have a uniform set of Dell PCs and all of them provide excellent performance even when stressed with multiple programs open through out the day. While Dell is quite known in the enterprise part of the market in Philippines, Dell is fairly new in the consumer division… with their new line products for the consumers, Dell expresses effort to pave way so that the Philippine market could enjoy quality PCs made by Dell. Targeting different segments of the consumer market, Dell makes sure that there is a Dell for everyone.

So next time When In Manila, be sure to check out the nearest authorized Dell dealer for these awesome hardware.


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Dell Releases XPS 8300, XPS 15z and Inspiron One 2320 Targets Philippine Consumers

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