Deedee’s Kitchen: Spam Musubi and Spam Bake for All of the Spam Lovers

What started as a homegrown brand has now became a sought-after food delivery service. This is because Deedee’s Kitchen has successfully created their version of Original Spam Musubi, a mouthwatering combination of Teriyaki Spam, Nori, Japanese rice, and egg flavored with their special sauce.

Spam Musubi


Munch on it hot or cold, and store it in the chiller if you have leftovers; it can last up to two days. They also offer Spicy Kimchi Rice for their Spam Musubi, a delectable treat for Korean food lovers.


The combination of Spam and Kimchi is simply irresistible! The size also makes it an excellent go-to choice anytime and anywhere. You can even mix and match the Original and Spicy Kimchi Spam Musubi up to six pieces per order for only Php480.

3-Cheese Spam Bake


Going along with the “sushi bake” hype, their newest offering is the “3-Cheese Spam Bake”. Cheese and spam with burnt edges is already delicious. What more if there are three types of cheese on it?


Deedee’s Kitchen uses a bountiful amount of caramelized spam and cheese, which makes it worth more than its price of Php980. Every order comes with Nori sheets, too, so you can wrap a spoonful of the 3-Cheese Spam Bake in it.


This bake is lot healthier compared to other bake recipes, too! Deedee’s Kitchen uses Black Rice which contains more antioxidants and minerals. This makes the 3-Cheese Spam Bake perfect for those who want to indulge in cheese and spam with less guilt.


It can be shared with family or friends during special occasions, or anytime you want to spoil yourselves with good food. They also offer Caramel or Matcha Leche Flan, as well as First Cup Coffee products to complete your hearty meal.

Deedee’s Kitchen is committed to prioritizing customer satisfaction, and has therefore already built a group of happy patrons wanting more of their recipes. Order now!

Deedee’s Kitchen




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