DC Trase Yours 2015: Distinct DNA Designery

DC Trase Yours 2015 Distinct DNA Designery00016An Artistic Genes Gallery. DC Shoes Philippines at A Space Manila

Shoes are fingerprints. A pair is uniquely crafted with distinct DNA Designery. Each ridge marks lasting trails.

DC Trase Yours 2015 Distinct DNA Designery00004The Ultimate Canvas. DC Trase Shoe in white.

Likewise, Trase is a whorl-bowl of jam. Neapolitans define it as “to enter a place.” Latvians describe it as a “route or a track.” Haitian Creoles define it as “to draw.” Together, these definitions tell us that DC Trase Shoes are an art pair that transcend you to the thrill-packed skating arena.

From the rest of Asia, a pool of 276 creative Filipino submissions were generated. Ten finalists. Team Manila Creative Director and Owner Jowee Alviar, TBWA/SMP Tequilla’s Marci Reyes, DC Rider and Architecture Student Lornel Bihasa were the judges to the artistry that was about to unfold.

DC Trase Yours 2015 Distinct DNA Designery00013DC Shoes Philippines Brand Executive Vianca Tan

Ever wondered what minutiae, distinguishing ridges can top the game?  DC Shoes Brand Executive Vianca Tan shared that the design must hail a skating statement. Your entry must definitely be you. Make it human. Bring it to life. Above all, it should be feasible to be a footwear pattern.

Here are some of the finalists:

DC Trase Yours 2015 Distinct DNA Designery00008“Fluid” by Robbin Gregorio

Shoes Caught in Motion Award The more you look at it, the more it changes. This design has a life on its own.

DC Trase Yours 2015 Distinct DNA Designery00001“Makahiya” by Adam Redoblado

Three Stars and a Sun Award Contrast to its name, this shameless red number is a head-turner. It’s totally native boho chic!

DC Trase Yours 2015 Distinct DNA Designery00009“SHH HPPNS” by Sean Naval

No Pun Intended Award – This is the most abstract among the designs. Fill in your thoughts.

DC Trase Yours 2015 Distinct DNA Designery00015“The Vision” by Ericzalde Consing

Poke Me Not Award For your eyes only, this design humanized shoes.

DC Trase Yours 2015 Distinct DNA Designery00002“Flight” by Carlo Alcantara

Gnarliest Badass Award This detail delirium flaunts a crystalline geometric bird with no bars held.


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