DAYA’s Songs Speak to Me on a Personal Level

Grace Martine Tandone famously known as DAYA first visited the Philippines in 2017 during the “In The Mix” musical festival. She previously headlined the concert with 5 Seconds of Summer and Zara Larsson. The lineup included Dua Lipa, DNCE, and Two Door Cinema Club.

The 21-year old singer recently came back to promote her newest single “Insomnia” at XYLO. Aside from her latest hit, she sang other crowd favorites, including Don’t Let Me Down, Sit Still, Look Pretty and my personal anthem Hideaway.

Daya is such an underrated artist. Her songs aren’t just catchy; they also speak to you on a personal level.

Where do the good boys go to hideaway?” The opposite of good boys in this song, to me, are the ones who ghost girls. I’ve actually been ghosted a lot, even before ghosting was a thing. Maybe I’m just meeting the wrong people. Until a good boy finds me, or I find one who will “supply all of my heart’s demands”, I’ll have Hideaway by Daya on repeat.

What’s your favorite song by Daya? And how do you relate to it on a personal level?


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