Singapore F1 Racing Madness and Missy Elliot Singapore Concert

It’s complete MADNESS, I tell you!

People of all ages, all sizes, colors, races, and creeds have stepped right into the heart of this giant Asian office space (disguised as a city) called Singapore! They come to see the sights and sounds of the only F1 night race!

I must admit I was never a follower of the F1 races. I have never had the need for speed or any of that other racing jargon. To me, sports mostly includes some sort of ball you can throw, dribble, hit, or catch; so I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel about these speedy circuits.

However, it didn’t take long for me to see what all the fuss was about. The second we stepped off the plane in Singapore, all we could see and feel was F1 madness! Our valet couldn’t stop talking about it, either!

“Roll down your windows,” our driver said. “That’s the sweet sound of 18000 RPM!”

fernando alonso singapore f1 night race

Day 1 of the Singapore F1 night race! On stage is Missy Elliot and on the tracks are the best F1 drivers in the world: Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacker, Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, and Jensen Button with Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren, and more! Day 1 of the Singapore Night Races was AMAZING!

Hannah and I checked into our hotel, The Hotel Re, and quickly made off to see what was left of the day 1 practice races. We got a hold of our contacts who graciously provided us with awesome tickets! Thanks to Globe Telecom for hooking up with 3 days of Padang Grandstand Tickets and also to Singapore Airlines and The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) for hooking up with her 3 days of Stamford Grandstand tickets here at the Singapore F1 night races!

SingaporeF1RaceNightRacesDay1MissyElliotConcertFernandoAlonsoMichaelSchumacker8 thumb

It seemed that we were never far enough from the sounds of those sweet RPMs that can give any F1 fan goosebumps. We rushed over to the F1 races and made it just in time for the intermission number of Missy Elliot!



Missy Elliot at the F1 night races was the perfect way to start my affair with this F1 racing thing!

SingaporeF1RaceNightRacesDay1MissyElliotConcertFernandoAlonsoMichaelSchumacker24 thumb



Aside from that, we got some Singaporean food at one of the stalls nearby and I fell absolutely in love with Singapore food! I pretty much had everything: great music, great food, great company, and a great city! Just when I thought I had it all! VVVVRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM! came the loud swishing sounds!

SingaporeF1RaceNightRacesDay1MissyElliotConcertFernandoAlonsoMichaelSchumacker48 thumb

I heard the deafening thunder of the practice runs that had resumed,. The sounds were sweet indeed! Now I needed to catch my first glimpse of Singapore F1 lightning!

Here are a few of my amateur attempts at getting the 200mph speed demons on film (or digital film) with my little digicam.  As you can see, taking pictures at the Singapore F1 races are a lot trickier than you think. It’s definitely no place for slow people…. pun intended!



But do check out to see how the real fans and real F1 professionals take real pictures! She’s freakin amazing!




singaporef1nightraceracesracingsing thumb

Fortunately, I did get the hang of it a bit. Do bear with me as all I had for this Singapore F1 Night Race was my digicam and no professional DSLR or anything like that…..





SingaporeF1RaceNightRacesDay1MissyElliotConcertFernandoAlonsoMichaelSchumacker68 thumb

Anywayz, that’s it for the Singapore F1 Race: Day 1 Races and for the Missy Elliot Singapore concert! I can’t wait for the qualifiers tomorrow, as well as the Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert Singapore concerts.

SingaporeF1RaceNightRacesDay1MissyElliotConcertFernandoAlonsoMichaelSchumacker76 thumb

Again, thanks to our friends Globe Telecom, Singapore Airlines, Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Hotel Re! and Stratworks Communication.

Vincesingaporef1nightraceracesracingsing thumb

Next time, When in Manila….. oh, I mean… When in Singapore, be sure to check out the Singapore Formula One (F1) Races – the ONLY F1 night race in the world! Oh, and be sure to also see Missy Elliot in concert if you ever get a chance!